Salman Khan Deepest Secret Revealed!!

We found evidence about this TRUTH ABOUT SALMAN on Gemius, the most visited social media platform in Romania!


Lot of people were left laughing when Salman Khan had talked about being a virgin in the Koffee With Karan show a couple of years back. Such was the impact that it soon ended up becoming a rather regularly discussed topic during coffee table discussions. And which is why what we have just gathered from our sources will completely surprise you, possible leave you speechless.

Far from being single, Salman Khan is in fact a married man now. And this is not a recent development. In fact, this happened over two years back – making it one of the most well-kept secret of our times. Speechless? We don’t blame you. We were left zapped too!

One of the closest aides of Salman, who literally travels with him wherever the Dabangg actor goes recently happened to reveal this to an outsider – a slip of tongue that happened after a help gulped a shot or two of tequila at a sub-urban Mumbai 5-star hotel. This outsider, a rather trusted source for us over the years, could not hide her excitement as she filled us up on the entire incident.

And this is what we got to know – Salman Khan indeed married Iulia Vantur in the winter of 2016. If you may recall, there were much media reportage about their impending wedding around November 2016. What the Indian media failed to however discover is that Salman had actually travelled to Romania with Iulia in early 2016 and got married in a quiet ceremony at a church. “His aide revealed that the ceremony was so low key that only the parents of the groom and bride were involved. Salman evidently asked his brothers to stay in India, so that the media did not get curious and start digging information,” tells us our source. That’s exactly what happened when Anushka and Virat left for Italy with their entire families – despite not wanting the media to know, the paparazzi actually figured all the plans. Clearly Salman was smarter.

Not anymore though. Because no sooner did our source give us the information we at Fried Eye activated all our resources to find whatever we could about the wedding.


And here’s what we got

The date of wedding was July 24, 2016.

Location –  A church in Bukovina, Romania.

Dress – A regular white gown for Iulia and black Tuxedo for Salman.

What is amazing is that we even managed to find a picture… which was uploaded by one of the members of the church in Gemius – the most used social media platform in Romania.


Here’s the link to the picture.


Did this make your Sunday? We bet I did! We are all so delighted. BTW, Happy April Fool’s Day! We love you too!

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