Rendenzvous with Satsang

January 15, 2011 Off By Sanzeeta


The illuminated board of Satsang placed at the sideway of the entrance

Satsang, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘company of truth’, is truly a meeting place to flutter softly around with good dining in Puducherry. But, Satsang to me looked more like a melting pot of cultures. One can listen to, talk about, discuss and assimilate knowledge across culture. The restaurant is set in a covered backyard of a rambling colonial house. Even the terrace houses an airy shady dinning space. It serves French and Italian food and a good place for a casual salad lunch, dinner or breakfast with freshly baked bread, fruit, tea or coffee.

Lined up at rue Labourdonnais, we were lucky to find this little restaurant nestled comfortably among many look a-like dining joints. Its warm exterior, balcony housed with sheds, array of cane chairs with bold tables and menus impressed with Francaise, Italienne and Indienn cuisines surely had colonial touch.


A hanging lamp uplifting a relaxing atmosphere for evening dining

It was a lovely evening with soft humming of Europeans talking softly over dinners lazily sipping their glasses of wines. The soft glances across tables savouring the delights by the visitors uplifted the atmosphere. Seated comfortably I glanced through the menu and felt the vivacious hunger pangs inside me. The menu surprised me. There were pancakes with mushroom and shrimps, sea-fish fried, grilled sardines, fish in Provence style, fish in Hollandaise sauce, basil sauce, red sniper with prawn sauce, crabs, squids, prawns in garlic and parsley. Varied chicken and beef dishes decorated the menu tantalizingly. For rice lovers there were many flavours to tickle the taste buds, rice with garlic, spinach and prawn sauce to name few. For vegetarians there were equally mouth watering dishes with garlic mushroom, fried eggplant in walnut sauce, spinach pancake and many more with twists in fusion cooking.

Red Sniper in prawn sauce

My picks for the evening was red sniper in prawn sauce, chicken and steak. Though the red sniper had some dull plain flavour with occasional tinge of prawn, the mashed potatoes really blended well with it. The fish did not smell fish-y. The splendid part, it was toasted well leaving a

Steak in oyster sauce

punch of tenderness. The chicken was smoky, roasted dry with rustic woody smell. The best part about the chicken was there was no smell of chicken unlike few Indian chicken dishes . The steak was equally good. The best part of the dishes was the French fries, mashed potatoes and breads which formed part of the combo. Lastly, to wind up, we ordered green tea with basil flavour for soothing digestion.

Chicken with mashed potatoes

Well, I wish I could write more but I want each of you reading this column to visit once if Puducherry happens to you. Satsang remains nevertheless a pleasant point to drop-in for any thirsty traveller. Enjoy!

54,Rue Labourdonnais,, Pondicherry, Puducherry 605001
Contact info: 0413 222 5867 – 0413 222 6845 – 095 66 613300

Contribution and photography by : Sanjeeta Thapa

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