Readers’  Contribution

Readers’ Contribution

January 15, 2012 Off By Fried Guest

We are bringing before you the write ups sent to us by our esteemed readers. Thank you for your valuable feedback . We welcome your thoughts and ideas and would like to share it with the world.


Title :- COMPLETE your incompletes

BYLINE- Consciously or unconsciously , we all have an underlying urge to complete what has been set in motion says MAITRI GALA

What are you procrastinating? Make a list of Incompletes in your life that drain your energy. What dreams are unfulfilled, desires ungratified , aspirations abandoned, words unspoken , needs ignored , goals unattained ,people not yet forgiven , promises broken!

Grow yourself, everything seeks completion. Everything flows in or out of in spirals of contraction and expansion. And so life unfolds through cycles .Like the cycle of spring to summer , autumn and winter and back to spring again , everything comes around to complete the series and begin anew. The circumstances change , but there is always a tension to move to completion and wholeness.

Either consciously or unconsciously , we all have an underlying urge to complete what has been set in motion though our lower minds are often unaware of these forces. Believing in separation rather than wholeness, we get caught up in our daily life drama’s . We get off-track with our business. We create so many ‘priorities’ that we end up rarely getting anything done. Many of our desires , intentions and commitments remain incomplete. If we do not take the time to complete what we have set in motion , the energy of our intention get blocked .

The more our pile of unfinished business piles up , the more distress we feel and the more our energy drains. Our backpacks grows heavier , and our past constantly invades our present because the present is the only place where the past can be completed . The past keeps knocking at our door seeking attention but we don’t hear the knock because our stereo of life is turned up too loud or because we are never home.



GLOOMY SUNDAY…. by Rupam Phukan

The darkness in my mind burnt me out
my life turned into ashes
and blew away as I collapsed,
a black wind passes by me
and took them away
spreading the ashes all the way,

The blue sky turned into a scary black
leaves were falling
and the autumn looks frustrated..;
but the heartless wind
kept blowing and blowing..;

I tried to find the path of my destiny
but I lost the direction
as black wind took away all my hopes from my sight
and held the darkness over day and night,

I search for your love
it was missing
you were gone
and I never knew it was the reason,

No more sorrow
I will be alone in my way
every day without you
is I feel like a
‘Gloomy Sunday



DRIED COLOURS by Simona Tamuli

I write about a life,
Whose Sun never die,
Walked over the poodle of grief without a sigh,
Although the task of sunshine was never a piece of pie,
Still she survived your accusation which was just a lie.

Mother of two at the age of seventeen,
Busy preparing their tiffin,when you were enjoying your dreams,
Buried in debt at the age of seventeen,
She is a widow and you think it as her sin.

I am sure she wants to come to college,
But I don’t think that her in-laws will give her the courage,
Beaten by by destiny,she is lost in life’s maze,
But she says that she will fight for the surviving days.

She never failed to inspire,
Until the day she was on fire.
Her in-laws are mean liars.
They burned her and blamed a defective wire.

She was just like you and me.
But life wasnt easy for her as it is for me.
I still wonder how destiny could be so mean.
She was burried alive at the age of seventeen.

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