Fun, Fashion and Music Festivals by Rachel

Fun, Fashion and Music Festivals by Rachel

January 15, 2012 Off By Fried Guest


Music Festivals are nothing short than an experience of a lifetime. Part of the experience is dressing the part. Music festivals are the one place where you can wear whatever you want without being judged and break out of your comfort zone, shocking your friends and strangers with your original fashion sense.

 Fashion vs. function is always a tricky balance at music festivals. At most music festivals you can be sure that you’ll be on your feet all day, hot, smelly and sweaty. Let’s look at some essential items that are functional, fashionable and will help you make the most out of your festive experience. 


Accessories are a fun way to play up your outfit/costume. Feathered earrings and necklaces are in style and will give you the “free spirit” look that music festivals encourage. Beaded stone belts are a cool accessory that will also add to an earthy, free spirited look. Color changing nail polish is a cool way to add a hint of style and changes colors from day time to night time. You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses and finding cheap sunglasses in funky colors are a good way to play up accent colors in your outfit. There are no rules for sunglasses at music festivals; you can never go too big or too trendy.

Some accessories that you’re better off leaving at are high heels and chunky necklaces/bracelets. Because you’re going to be walking a lot through grass and mud, avoiding heeled shoes all together is a good idea. Chunky bracelets/necklaces could get annoying in the hot heat so it’s best to save those for another occasion.

Get Creative

There are lots creative clothing options for a music festival. An old tee shirt that you never wear can be cut up in made into a tank top or made into a piece of fabric can be wrapped around your neck as a dust- covering- scarf. Hypercolor shirts change colors and designs throughout the day depending on sunlight and are cool way to change your outfit without having to change your clothes. At night time when the sun goes down, think about lighting up with glow sticks, glow in the dark hair extensions or blinking pins. You can go nuts with things like bunny ears, devil ears and butterfly wings. Anything really goes, so it’s your time to bust out the arts and crafts and see what you can come up.

Dresses, Skirts and Free Flowing Material

Dresses, skirts and free flowing material are functional and the boys will like the way they look too. Instead of wearing a bra that might look awkward with a loose shirt, wear a bikini top or bando instead. Dresses and shirts should be short enough so they aren’t really hot, but long enough so you can sit down on the grass if you want to. Lighter colored fabrics will keep you cooler, but they will also look dirtier faster.

Festivals are all about having fun and the more prepared you are the better your experience will be. There’s not more you could want besides being fashionable and comfortable while enjoying amazing music with friends and strangers. So get creative and take notes of what other people are wearing so the next festival you go to, you will have even more ideas to go off of.

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