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As we read the news of the Uttarakhand Floods, there is a helplessness about not being able to help the people trapped in that situation. However, there are many ways we can help them. Most of you reading this article can afford a small amount of money to rescue operations. You can donate in the Prime Minister Relief Fund or through iVolunteer by following this link. The iVolunteer team have collected around 12 lacs of money but they need around 2-3 crores of rupees.

They are working with the District Administration under the guidance of Mr Navnit Pande to identify remote villages in the Kedar Valley which have been badly affected in the floods. They require around 1200 food parcels to be sent there. Each food parcel will include

Rice – 15 kg

Black gram – 5 kg

Daliya – 5 Kg

Biscuit + Rusk + Sugar + Salt + Masala pack + Tea powder + Milk Powder – 5 Kgs

All this will be then packed in water proof cement bags and then transported to Rudraprayag. From Rudraprayag the district administration will help us in the logistics.  Our core team volunteers will also be traveling with the food supplies.

Each of the food parcels along with transportation will cost Rs 3000 a piece. In the first phase they are trying to send 300 parcels. Donate to help them achieve this goal. Every bit will help the situation.

You can also volunteer to give your service if you are ready to spen 10-15 days with the Flood victims. please note that they will not be able to to bear your expenses for this trip. You can apply for volunteering here,


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