Congress releases Election Manifesto in Assam

Congress releases Election Manifesto in Assam

March 24, 2016 0 By Fried Eye

Assam Chief Minister Mr. Tarun Gogoi released manifesto for the Congress Party for the upcoming elections in Assam.

Mr. Tarun Gogoi said that the party will stress on the creations of job if they win this elections. He also claimed that no other state has matched the number of jobs created in Assam.

The major points of the manifesto released are:

  1. Give unemployment allowances of Rs 1000 each to most needy & set up innovation centres with venture capital of Rs 5500 cr.
  2. Hold pre-selection tests for Paramilitary, Air Force, Navy, railways & other sectors & also provide coaching centers for them.
  3. Register the unemployed youths of every district and train & counsel them.
  4. Open community kitchen for each village & we want to add breakfast along with the scheme of Mid-day meals.

A ‘Tarun Gogoi’ App in the lines of ‘Narendra Modi’ App was also launched for Android Phones and iPhones.


Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi.

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