Pari by Sharmila Jayakkumar

November 15, 2011 Off By Fried Guest

That little tear that flows down a mom’s cheeks when she feels her baby for the first time speaks a million words which only that cute little child manages to understand. A person can get anything and everything any number of times in life time, but that first feeling when they see their angel with those cute pink hands, half opened eyes with a velvety tone “awwwwww”.  Treating her no less than an angel carrying her in a golden chariot they feel proud to be the parents of such a beautiful baby. Admiring each and every act of hers they spend days and nights taking care of her.


On the 1st of January a couple was gifted with the little Rizwan as their New Year gift. This New Year gift was everyone’s favorite. Being the only daughter she was their dream, their life and their support. For them she was the best and most beautiful daughter in the world. As time went on it was then time for that little angel to step into school for the first step in her education.  Rizwan joined school and her parents were glad that their angel was stepping into the first milestone of her life.

Little Rizwan didn’t know why she was going to school, but went into the school with a smile. After few steps she turned back and waved a bye to her mom, that’s when the mom realized that her angel was growing up and all that she could express, was a tear. Moms are so sweet that they manage to speak everything with a tear in their eye.

As Rizwan grew up, that’s when she started feeling lonely. That girl who thought her parents are everything to her and shared everything with them, all of a sudden started feeling lonely and left out. That did not make her blame her parents though. Lonely Rizwan started talking to moon when she was upset, and accepted it as her best friend because moon never talks back or scold. Talking to people was a horror to her.  Scared, shy, silent, alone are the terms that described that little girl.

Realizing her parents trust on her she decided to give them all the happiness they wanted without them noticing the dark side of her. She successfully joined her graduation classes, and managed to make few friends but even that failed to support her. She made up her mind that she wasn’t fit for any of these and started focusing on her career which was her parents dream and decided to travel alone in the journey of life with a fake smile which people failed to recognize. Every time she achieved something, the smile on her parent’s face and the proud voice of her dad saying “She is my Rizwan” made a tear role on her cheeks. These were the same tears that slid down the moms’ cheeks day one. Even after all the success and having a proper life, all that Rizwan sought was to care for her parents .

Rizwan who was once an angle of her parents was now an angel who had two kids- her mom and dad. Do not try to punish them for any kind of failure in your life. Never treat them as a guest to an old aged home because  it’s now time for you to be there parent.  Talk to them, make them realize but don’t do anything that would make them hate themselves.


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