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Come winter and there is the daunting task of resetting your wardrobe according to the need of the season. Woolens and warm fabrics like flannel. Mufflers , caps and jackets. Bright sunny colors. The tank tops , spaghetti tops are washed and neatly packed away . Maybe a little bit of shopping to replenish the stock or brighten it up some more.  A wedding? A picnic? New years eve party? Valentines day?  You never need a reason to shop for new clothes. But what about the kids? Of course you love the kids in your life. The cousin, the nephew, grand daughter or maybe even your own, and its always a delight to dress them up,doll them up with fancy dresses, the latest fads. It is a joy to dress them up in attire you had once dreamed for your own selves. So do you go for particular brands or just pick whatever that fancies you and beckons you from the display window. Yes , children too have their branded, day to day wear just like you have yours in Levis, Louise Phillip, Madam and Monte carlo-s and maybe you should try them out too for some of them have a very good for money value with fine quality and adorable designs.  Here are the top five leading brands of India in children wear and are listed below with some brief notes to help you get started in your brand search for baby project.


Lilliput-  Lilliput Kids have been around since a long time and is a brand that is known all over the world. Their stores are spread all over the world and locating a store should not be difficult as their website provides the necessary information along with showcasing the latest designs, age specifically. Though the online store is yet to be functional, they have some good reward points system worth trying out.

Fashion- The clothes are colourful but not loud . Fabrics are comfortable and the cuts are simply adorable.  Their designs catch the fancy of the kids with their theme based styles. They also deal with accessories and even baby furniture.


Cat Moss-  Catmoss is an upcoming Indian brand that has the potential to become a global name. Their retail outlets are spread well  over India in independent stores or in mega retail chains. Within a span of couple of years , it has come up to become a household name as far as children’s brand is considered. The USP of the brand is that it is quite economical compared to the other top brands. It has got the option of online shopping and the designs are available for preview in their website.

Fashion-  The designs are contemporary and quite catchy. The quality of the fabric is good and very much suited for Indian climate




Gini and Jony- A brand that has been around for a long time . 30 years! That speaks quite a lot about its popularity and sustainability. Catering to the age group of toddler, boys and girls, the old loyalists still swear by this brand. Though not much visible every where in the mushrooming malls and retail outlets, they do have a strong fleet of stores all over India covering even the smaller towns.

Fashion- Clothes are contemporary. Its denim line is quite popular and one of the top sellers.


Mom and Me-  Maihindra Retail is planning to take over the baby fashion scene in India by storm, with their Mom &Me  line of clothing and accessories. Their brand is unique in the sense that they start catering to the kid right from its inception , that is the pregnancy of the mothers. Not only are they into apparels, but they also organize activities and interactive help sessions for the benefit of the mother and child.

Fashion- More than fashion as in stylish clothes, it stresses on a fashionable and healthy way of living. Their designs are scientific and baby friendly



Pink and blue- The brand came into the public eye (in Indian household) fairly recently after their line was found in the Big Bazaar outlets. Mostly operating through online portal, it caught the buyer’s fancy only after it came to be distributed through the outlets.

Fashion- Style is remarkable but more than that the fabrics are really smooth and comfortable. But the best part is that in spite of the superior quality of fabrics the pricing has been kept comparatively low. This brand with proper marketing has  the goods in them to become a formidable name in the market.









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