Music Review : Need You Know

May 1, 2010 1 By Sankhya Samhita

Album name: Need You Now
Genre: Country
Artist/Band: Lady Antebellum


The first question. Why Lady Antebellum? Well, the Grammy considered them, didn’t they? And they did make a mark in the 52nd Grammy held this year. Well, “Need You Now” is their latest album, and worth considering too, in my opinion.

Country music is always meant to be easy and happy. And “Need You Now” fulfills all the criteria of an easy listening album that you might want to listen to on that long drive.

Now there are reasons they named the whole album after the track “Need You Now”, folks. I mean, I put that song on repeat for the whole day when I first heard it. It’s a nice sentimental number, which inspite of being slightly on the sad side, doesn’t make you feel down. I am sure, like me, you would be humming the chorus of the song long after you’ve stopped hearing it. You might want to listen to “Ready to Love again” after this if you are a sucker for happy feelings afterall. It’s a slow number, as are the tracks “Hello World”, “When you got a good thing”, and “If I knew then”. All of them have simple, easy to relate to lyrics and are on the softer side. So when you’ve had enough of slow-mo, you have foot-tapping songs like “Our kind of love”, “Perfect day”, “Love this pain”, “Stars tonight”. The remaining two tracks “Something ’bout a woman” and “American Honey” fall in neither category and but have good beats too.

I think the best part of “Need You Now” is that it offers variety without breaking the flow and the continuity that most of us desire. And when I listen to this album, all I can think of is a long car drive, with the wind making a mess of my hair, the sun on my face, and the rippling leaves on the roadside trees making fleeting shadows all over. Here’s hoping happiness as simple as this can be rediscovered in this album again and again.

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