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    Music Review: Lil Wayne – I am not a human being


    Album :I am not a human being
    Artist: Lil Wayne
    Genre: Hip-Hop
    Released: September 27, 2010 (Digital Version) / October 12, 2010
    Label: Young Money, Cash Money, Universal Motown


    Lil Wayne is in there at New York’s Riker Island but his album out on the charts making a rapid climb. “I am not a human being” released while Wayne is still incarcerated for illegal possession of a weapon is a hit right from the start. Featuring collaborations with Drake, Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj, the album is an undoubtedly another platinum on the wall for the prolific artist. However, since Wayne is already in prison, the album’s material could only have come from leftovers from his previous albums. But the overall music is fantastic, much more worthy than Lil Wayne’s previous album, “Rebirth”.
    The album starts off with “Gonorrhea” featuring Drake and sets out the mood for what’s to come. The beats are mellow but the verses solid. Drake features again in “I’m single”, which is much more relaxed and the soulful “With you”. Jay Sean works a solid beat with “That Ain’t Me” while Nicki Minaj gives her best to “What’s Wrong With Them”. Featuring over 25 songs, the album carries the sounds and moods from Weezy’s disparate earlier albums. “Popular” featuring Lil Twist is another cool number produced by Cool and Dr.Dre. The title track “I am not a human being” though not the best of the lot does a come out as a hummable number. Two of the best numbers in the album “Ym Salute” and “Ym Banger” have been saved for the explicit version and are not available in the digital version.
    Lil Wayne seems to have developed his own rock/soul sound over the years and this album is a view of the singer’s search for that sound. Though not built around theme, the album comes out as a masterpiece. Overall the album scores a 4 out of 5 with some excellent beats under running the rhymes and a very unique sound. Good job Weezy, see ya out there soon.

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