Interview: POT FM

Interview: POT FM

December 15, 2011 0 By Rundolf Mawlieh

Pip of the Fourth Mother or commonly known by the acronym POT FM is a band that has put back the long lost Shillong’s alternative music scene in the Nation’s alternative rock map. I again Having their singles (a) Shillong & (b) I thought I was a protégé featured in compilations of nation- wide fame as well as internationally acknowledged in the likes of Stupid Ditties 4 & Vs. The world. This band with no denial of any sort have to be admitted in the mindset of anyone who has experience a fair share of their music both live & even on tape, to be considered as one of the most promising & unpretentious power-pop outfit of the Northeastern region who delivers a top-notch brand of pop oriented vocal lines weft on a dynamic punk-ridden instrumentation sonically that features a stencil of the following: twangier guitar riffs accompanied with groovy bass lines & an unmanipulated but authenticated hardcore drumming all this; peppered with a vibrant stage act makes them a complete package. Not only that, but this band is also, a one of a kind rather rare to find in the present music circuit, which is plagued by newbies kind of nOOb bands, predictably to be found at almost every college competitions only during the college fest season. Anyway I’m not going to delve myself on that issue because I don’t have all the time in the world to review on such bands when I know I have much better things to do in life. Getting back to POT FM, this particular alt-pop rock outfit stands apart from the rest of the pack. Reason being, they always bring a fresh & enjoyable sound which one could associate it with every possible flooding emotions that undergoes through one’s system, heart & soul. I know, now you’re probably questioning yourself as to, why? & how? Are they so impactful for that matter? Well, I’m not answering that for you but wait! Here’s the deal. I caught the lads just recently again and right then decided to get to know them and their music better than I already know. I mean I can’t just live with the minimal info that I have about this band, knowing that they this particular bunch is worth keeping an eye for in the long run. Also, I take this as an opportunity to enhance your knowledge concerning POT FM to a higher level, so sit tight & read on. They had already been introduced earlier. This will help us know about them some more

  1. Hi guys, first & foremost tell me about how you three intent to wrap up this year’s calendar?

POT FM: Hey man. We are not really sure of how to wrap things up but we are really exhausted after our IRock experience. We will be starting our recording sessions soon and once we do, we won’t stop till we’re done with it. Until then, we don’t know.

  1. Alright, with that now I’d like to know more about your IROCK experience. How does it feel like to have been there & did the thing that u love to do the most?

POT FM: Man it’s a really overwhelming feeling to have been a part of it. The Big Stage, the Big Sound System, being on national TV! We are looking forward for better things next year

  1. Cool! Now let’s travel back in time just for a bit though, I really want to know if you guys are still into producing ‘LUN’ which was said to be your acclaimed E.P., there was sort of a hype last year that you were coming up with it but then in turn; as time rolled by this whole idea of the E.P. seem to have vanished into thin air. Could you please share a little bit about this?

POT FM: Haha. Theres a very funny story behind that. Long story cut short; our Hard Drive Crashed!

But that doesn’t mean we won’t be recording. We are on it and it will be better. There’s a twist to what we’re doing too. Sooo..stay tuned 😉

  1. Okay, what is your ultimate ambition as a band?

POT FM: Hmm.. to make our lives and everyone else’s worthwhile. Being in a band makes life much more easier.

  1. Interesting, I read in your bio that your lyrics are very “tongue-in- cheek” with regards to that. Lyrically & thematically what sort of approach are you guys taking?

POT FM: We’re talking about catchy, easy to digest and in your face lyrics. At least for us they are..hmm..we still wonder… Bleh!

  1. In terms of production you guys have always taken the DIY route I believe, do you plan to continue doing things this way concerning the production aspect or are you guys looking forward for a major record deal sooner or later.

POT FM: Yes we are on it and there are many deciding factors as well. This is the tough part we are on as a band as of now.

  1. What’s been the best gig of your musical career life so far?

POT FM: All of them were different and memorable. The Rockathon in pune was a blast! So was HET in Delhi.. oh! the Irock zonal in Kolkata was interesting and so was the Irock Finale in Kolkata. Hmm..dont know man.

  1. And lastly, what’s next in the POT FM shop. (Your desires…) For the new year : D

POT FM: Ohh.. more gear! We have a lot on our wishlist. Don’t we all? heh

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