Betukay – Review

Betukay – Review

November 1, 2011 0 By Vinayak Gole

Joshish, the Progressive/Experimental rock band from Bhopal, scaled the popularity charts during the “Rock On” contest on MTV. Featuring on the top 10 bands in the contest, the group has been much appreciated about how they battled the odds to keep the passion for music burning. The band’s line up currently consists of

Sameer Rahat– Bass, Lead Vocals;

Shwetang Shankar– Drums, Backup Vocals;

Shatarchi Hundet– Lead Guitars;

Amit Mishra– Studio/Guitars;

Samar Mehdi– Guitars/Keyboards and Vocals

Joshish, after being a rage on stage has stepped into the studio to deliver Bekutay, their officially third recorded single.

The first thing that hits you when you play the single is the amazing intro which blends seamlessly into the ambient guitar riff before the song starts. The song itself is an anthem on self empowerment and self realization. However, the first time I heard the song, the lyrics seemed nascent, missing the sting. However as I played the song for the 5th time, I realised they did have deep meaning and made perfect sense. When you are working out a song with raw power, the lyrics need to be raw as well.

woh tere betukay se jawab,

aur meri galatiyon ka hisaab

As the song progresses, the guitar riff takes over and simply manages to blow you away. The solo feels like Joe Satriani playing Iron Maiden’s ‘Fear of the Dark’ riff. The guitarist has done a brilliant job and the riff at the end as the song fades out is exceptional. The bass supports the drum beat by beat and hold up the rhythm throughout the song. The composition is well crafted and stands true to the genre the band swear allegiance to. The vocals are raw and bring out the flavour of the song really well.

Overall, Betukay, which by the way, means ‘absurdly’ in Hindi, is an effort worth appreciating by Joshish. It’s been a while since an Indian band came up with a ‘real’ rock song and ‘Betukay’ stands out very well in an arena where competition stands on the shoulders of covers. A job well done, Joshish!- Eagerly awaiting more to come out of the studio.

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