Absolutely A(b)westruck with Ring tones

Absolutely A(b)westruck with Ring tones

September 1, 2012 1 By Fried Eye Research Team


How many of you really take some pains to get a special ringtone for your phone which defines your personality as well as make a mark on your listeners?  A ringtone, which you can identify with or the latest, popular ones-how do you choose them?  Do you just continue wih the original factory settings that your brand has provided or do you fiddle with it , download some new ones  and then experiment?

Though sound clips are very common, but popular are the movie signature tunes which can be downloaded from your mobile service provider or from the internet.

We had in our previous issues brought before you playlist for the valentines day, for the rains and so on, but today  we are bringing before you something as trivial as a list of ringtones. Then again who knows it might ring a bell about some sweet memories, or it might just strike the right chord in your heart. Though a list of ringtones usually  turns out to be inexhaustible no matter what the selection criteria might be, still we have brought before you those ten ring tones  that has a dramatic effect, in a way that can be called abstract.  They are theme music of some successful hollywood movies that had fantasy , horror as genre and maybe that is the reason why it adds best to the dramatic abstract effect  as a ring tone.

Bellas lullaby  from the movie Twilight.



We know many of you just got put down at the mention of Twilight. But it is a good piece.The piano number is a soft, soothing one as the title suggests and though it isn’t a conventional ring tone but if you just could shorten it keeping just the piano part, then it would make a different yet lovely ring tone. If not then this 3 minute piece is just as enjoyable as it is.


Rosemary’s baby



Next at number nine is another lullaby and so we have the Lullaby from the chilling horror movie, Rosemary’s Baby a movie which is in a league of its known. Of the many versions available we loved the one by Mia Farrow. It’s a creepy piece that just sends a shiver down your spine and rather than a lullaby it would be appropriate for nightmares. Just the right tune to set it specifically as a ring tone for obsessive ex girlfriends. But if you prefer instrumental versions than that is also available over the net.


Friday the 13th


At number eight we have the theme from Friday the 13th which though isn’t much of melody, is still a powerful damning piece which screams – Evil Intentions. Usually for a ringtone those numbers are considered more suitable which has a sort of loop or repetation in it and though the Friday the 13th theme doesn’t suit that purpose , but still it projects a powerful statement which can be used when you want to show some anger.



At seven , the Saw soundtrack is a rhythmic number . It isn’t as creepy as the Rosemary’s baby ringtone nor is it as powerful as the Friday the thirteenth theme, but it is a convenient piece which can pass off as a non weird ring tone if you feel too inhibited to show off your weirdism . It will be your own sweet secret of the fact that you have a bizarre ring tone.


X files


With X files at six we move on to more definite ring tones- conventional yet unique and different in its own away. Of all the numbers in our list X files theme gives the most abstract feeling true to its theme of X files.  The tune cannot be missed and is sure to raise eyebrows for its mystery element yet with a familiar ring.


One missed call


This one at number five is the perfect ring tone which is also a ring tone of great significance in the horror movie One missed call. A sweet chime note , if you haven’t seen the movie, will appeal instantly to you as very soothing , serene and a soft note- not too flashy nor loud. Just right as a tone. But if you have watched the movie , then of course the eerieness and deadly undertone will strike you instantly and make it seem more scary at night.


The Ring


The movie the The Ring caught the fancy of spook lovers when it was released because of its different storyline combining horror elements with mystery and suspense, with comparatively less body count and gore than the horror flicks of those times. It was not a run of the mill zombie movie nor about a psycho killer and the movie centred around the cherubic pretty little girl Samara Morgan. The Samara Morgan- Ring theme song is a very pleasing to the ear  by a babyish voice and you might miss the sense of mystery in the song if you haven’t watched the movie. Makes for an outstanding ring tone in the truest sense.




Now this number is a catchy , peppy fast paced with all the elements contributing towards a great score. We had heard many praises of this theme music but we realised the beauty of the whole tune only after listening to it. Right amount of pace, mood and technique make it a popular ring tone. At number three in our top ten list of abstract ringtones – Halloween



The first time we heard the ring tone playing in a cell phone , our complete attention was grabbed by the clear sharpness of the tune with a tempo that builds as it plays on. The mystery element is clearly palpable and can be felt even by people who are not aware of the movie it is associated with.  Clearly at number two it had a slight edge over the Halloween theme.

Harry Potter


And finally our number one slot is for the ever green ever popular Harry Potter theme song with an universal appeal from six to sixty years  of age. The signature tune is a combination of  the feelings of both mystery and flight of fancy  which compliments the theme of the movie. Though not exactly a conventional ringtone, its uniqueness is the reason why it works as a personality defining ringtone.

For the best effect we will advise you to go for  the piano rendition rather than the original theme song.

There are many hollywood movies with some remarkable and catchy theme songs, like Mission Impossible, Star Trek etc etc, but here  we had compiled those tunes that convey a feeling which spells ABSTRACT. So how many of them are you picking?

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