My sister encouraged me to try acting: Ishita Dutta

My sister encouraged me to try acting: Ishita Dutta

April 10, 2016 0 By Fried Eye

She debuted in a rather unusual role in the thrilling Drishyam, where she played daughter to the leading man. And yet Ishita Dutta, the younger sibling of Tanushree Dutta, left quite a mark. And now she s set to be seen again in a new feature being shot exclusively for Vaicom’s digital platform Voot. Below is an excerpt of a chat with Ishita, referred to by many as one of the cutest new entrants in B-town.

iSHITA duttA

You are Tanushree Dutta’s sister. How are you similar to her?

We are similar as well as very dfferent. I believe people find the way we sound very similar. Some say we look similar. Some also say we do not look similar at all.


You were undergoing media studies. How did you turn actress?

I was confused as to what I should do. My sister encouraged me go for an acting class. I think she saw it in me. I landed in Anupam Kher’ acting school and that’s where things changed for me. From being a rather silent person I actually started enjoying performing. I become a different person once the camera starts rolling.


The love for acting took you down south…

When I got an offer for a south project I actually picked it up to gain some experience. Interestingly, that’s the same reason I took up TV. They had somehow seen one of my earlier auditions for an ad and thought I would fit into the character of Poonam (Ek Ghar Banaunga). I found it a good place to learn and move on.


Many actors believe TV be a hurdle for a career in films. Do you think TV helped?

Each project helps in some way. It boosted my confidence. Also I don’t think TV is small. Wwhen we have someone like Anil Kapoor doing a 24, things have definitely changed.



What if you had not been an actress?

Maybe something to do with fashion.  I like fashion.


Any hobbies?

I would say I cook well.

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