Jagga Jaasoos is a wonderful movie

Jagga Jaasoos is a wonderful movie

July 15, 2017 0 By Pramathesh Borkotoky

Ranbeer Kapoor comes up with another movie where his performance is the biggest USP of the movie. He is perhaps the most underestimated among the most talented actors of his generation. Jagga Jaasoos is a musical and it might not be accepted by the general public despite the fact that it is interesting movie. As I came out of the movie, I found that the reception of the movie had a myriad range. Some found it interesting, some found it funny, some found it emotional. However, the Ranbeer Kapoor was so good that people who did not understand Jagga Jaasoos, they were happy to watch his performance.

It is fantasy mixed with thriller alongwith a pinch of Bollywood drama. The storytelling is through songs and it’s like a dream project bagged by Pritam. The thriller is fast paced and reminds of Feluda stories with shooting in exotic locations in Central Africa. Although, it is primarily aimed at children, it is good watch for any age group.

Jagga Jaasoos

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