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Friends accept you as you are. And they also bring you back on track whenever you manage to get off it. No wonder it is such a celebrated relationship. And Bollywood has often showcased different aspects of the relationship in various movies be it Dosti, Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, Anand or Dil Chahta Hai – all cult hit their own respects. On the occasion of Friendship Day we decided to give you a list of movies which has given painted different colours of this relationship and won our hearts.

3 Idiots

This is probably one film few have missed. It is the biggest Bollywood hit of all times after all. And there is little you may not know about this film. Three friends make their way through engineering college and find the true meaning of lives and what they want to do.

Rang de Basanti

Five friends learn about the importance of their action in the way the rest of the countrymen thinks. And this realization comes from knowledge of the Indian history and freedom stuggle. Rang De Basanti’s tragic end attracted lot of criticism but it managed to leave a great impact among the youth.

Rock On

Four friends come together after being estranged for years to achieve a dream they had seen together as teenagers. They film also beautifully showcases jealously and insecurity that can creep into friendship when aspirations come in.


While many films have shown friends having their share of fun together, Partner – the Bollywood version of Hitch, showed friendship between two completely opposite people. While Salman Khan played the love guru, Govinda just didn’t know how to get his girl. And Salman helped his friend to impress his lady love and in process also finds his true love.


Dostana garnered more news for the apparent ‘gay’ angle than friendship. But the fact remains that the film was more about friends than anything else. The film was about two friends who start living with a girl after convincing that they are gay partners. They soon fall in love with the girl but she never looked at them in similar sense as she was too sure they were gay. Their friendship and the way supported each other through good and bad times. Dostana stood up to its name.

Badmaash Company

Four friends agree to get bad for the love of easy money. They con the customs and sell smuggled goods in the country. Soon their greed gets larger than what the country can offer and they fly the US. In the breakneck speed that money comes in they soon find each other moving away from each other. Arrogance sets in but gets them back on track when they realize that they can’t outdo fate.

There have also been films like London Dreams, Dil Dosti Ect, 99, Heroes and New York which too focused a lot of showing the relationship between friends. New York went on to become a huge hit while other didn’t work at the box office for various reasons. Nevertheless all of them are worth a watch on this day just to celebrate the special bond that you may share with this person called ‘Friend’!

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