Memories- Through the lens.

Memories- Through the lens.

November 1, 2011 Off By Fried Eye Joint venture

Memories! For some it is the archaic History, while for others it

is an archive of days gone by.

Yes as a special photo feature we have dug into our own personal photo archives lovingly stored by our parents and family and brought before you a collage of memories, all in black and white shot on a 120 mm film

Nehru and Nikita Khrushcev


Memories of turbulent politics- of measured words and measured smiles. Guarded promises and restrained expectations!


The Mc Mohan line. Pic from the archives of Lovely Arunachal

Memories of misplaced trust, endless hostilities and unnecessary wars!



Memories of an era long forgotten, of a heritage still treasured.


63rd congress convention,Guwahati

Memories of celebrations and hope!


Memories of a glorious past , grand lifestyle and a greater destiny

Soviet Actress Svetlana Svetlichnaya


Memories of the the doe eyed Movie Star, of the first autograph and the star crush!

Memories of momentous moments



Memories of hushed lullabies, a beautiful face and a warm heart. Memories of Ma!



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