The moment it clicked

June 1, 2012 Off By Fried Eye Joint venture

Text – by Manu Sasidharan

Photographs- Pramathesh borkotoky

Life is a kaleidoscope of sweet and sour frames, which we coin as ‘moments’. Have you ever noticed that if one piece in a jigsaw puzzle is missing, the picture looks incomplete? Or, if one color jelly bean is missing, then they don’t give the same impression? It is the same with life. Little bits and pieces join to form the puzzle of life. When these tiny bits hold hands together, they form a trice; a rare, one time, moment. These moments when captured by a picture, is referred to as a ‘Kodak Moment’. There are a lot of frames in life, which you find special. Right from the birth of a baby, you witness a bunch of exquisite events which clasps the crawling, walking and schooling stages of life. The matchless time you spend in your college campus, bunking boring lectures, daily meetings in the college canteen with friends and all those bullying experiences, gifts you with memories which you will cherish all your life. Even though all these instances may be recurring, there will be an episode which will never come back to you. These instances, pave way to Kodak moments, which you will cherish all your life. The whole idea of capturing these unique moments arose from the advertisement of Kodak Company, which specializes in photography. That was long ago and now the era of social networking has improvised it to ‘share’ rather than clicking snaps and storing it in albums. Every glance through these special frames will leave a genuine smile on your face. A smile which affirms that, memories are always worth treasuring and living for. Smile your way for the ‘Kodak Moments’.

And here are some natural moments , which you might see ever day , but fail to notice


A lonely evening…stillness in the air…. your mind wanders and suddenly you look towards the horizon! Its divine! Click.



Summer vacations.Idle moments. You start wandering… to places which have sweet memories. Ah! the river! It still is as lovely as you remember. Click!

Moonlit nights. Memories of  lost love. Poignant moments. Beautiful night! click

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