I have really awesome friends

November 1, 2010 Off By Miss Cellany

Dear Diary,

Don’t know about marraiges, but friends are made in heaven. And therefore, God sent. Scribbled down on a peace of parchment (that elaborately lists out all the intricate happenings of our life) are their names under the heading of trouble, fun, glory and pain.

Sticking religiously to the theme of the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S, my friends have always been there for me. Always. Even if it meant them waking up all night to finish my work while i lazily wake up and snatch the brilliant report and leave in a hurry, or inform me that my birthday is close, make a list of things i need to shop for, or me assuming them as the closest ATM.

So we chose a day to celebrate the spectacularity of this relationship called friendship. To weigh the magnanimity of the emotions this relationship holds. To give justice to the one thing that made us all bond. We chose the Halloween’s day. And quite different it was from the other days, for obvious reasons.

You see, exactly at 12:48, after each one was awoken – who kept falling back on the bed again because they’d rather wake up when everyone else does – i got a call. And was being sung in an uncharecteristically synchronous din, “Happy Halloween’s Day to you…, and would be friends even when we are ghosts, me and you….”

How would I be without my friends… I cannot even dream it.

I love you guys. MUAHHHHH….

Signing off.

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