I believe

I believe

September 1, 2012 Off By Fried Eye

As I catch a wink,

The screen goes blink.

Wake up Neo, get to the sink

Look in the mirror, see the link?


They take me to Morpheus,

The messiah of us

He’s iron, he’s stone

And his belief…to the bone


This is our world, the Matrix,

A world false, all mortar and bricks

See what’s real, see what is true

Not this false happiness and rue.


I refuse to believe,

I refuse to leave

This land of milk and honey,

This land of rape, murder and money


But Morpheus he knows

And reality he shows

This world is false, black

This world that runs on the rich man’s sack


There is everything here but peace,

It breaks you down, piece by piece

This is our world, addicted we are

Needs, greeds and a fast car


This is the Matrix, it’s tough to be free

We struggle at binds, branches to this tree

To be free, they consider madness

Peace to them is all sadness


Finally I decide to be free

And to believe that I really can be

But to do so I have to kill this me

The will I have, the result is to yet to see

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