Eclat Sci Fi competition- Techniche 12, IIT Guwahati

Eclat Sci Fi competition- Techniche 12, IIT Guwahati

September 1, 2012 Off By Fried Eye Joint venture

We are pleased as well as proud to announce you a super event and some fine reading experience ahead with Techniche 12 , the Annual Techno Management festival of IITGuwahati which is happening right now.


Fried Eye in conjunction with Techniche will be bringing before you in the coming issues Science fictions of the participants of their mega even Sci Fi Eclat, their science fiction writing contest that concluded yesterday.

Though the genre was sci fi, they made it more interesting and challenging by assigning themes like

The bliss of nanotechnology

The age of robots

Future gadgets

Eco friendly world

Space fantasy.

The prizes are quite tempting with the first prize of Rs 5000/-, second prize – Rs 3000/- and third prize  Rs 1000/-.

There are also early bird prizes of seven gift coupons . The goodies don’t end there as all the entries will be published online at our site and winners might get a chance to get their stories published in a hard copy.

For more on Techniche 12, visit their website and keep watching our space for some great sci fi .

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