September 1, 2010 Off By Bhoothnath

(September 1, 2010 – September 15, 2010)

Aries:- The fire within you will get on those person’s nerves with whom you try to get close. Try to be discrete and subtle. Maintain a safe distance and then yes! The warmth will bring them nearer to you.

Taurus- You will be in a thoughtful pensive mood this fortnight. You will see the alternative perspective of things easily. So much free time you have isn’t it? It will be sensible to get your lackeys and dear ones some gifts if you want some more ruminating time.

Gemini- There is a person who fascinates you. To go or not to go, to hit on him/her or not to is the question. Now a revelation – the other person is experiencing the same thoughts as you at the moment. Beyond that , you are too vague to have a clear picture of your coming fortnight in my potato gazing ball.

Cancer – It will be a monetarily fulfilling week. There will be no extra expenditures and you will save a lot. That is the advantage of being a closet romantic, introvert and a comparatively unsocial person.

Leo- Life at moment is on an adventure mode. You will see newness and adventure in everything, be it saving a fly from the clutches of the spider’s web, or handing a tissue to an old lady or sharpening the pencil of the neighbor’s son everything will feel momentous.

Virgo- Be careful not to hurt anybody’s sentiment, for the retribution may have a worse effect on you. If it’s your family you will be receiving b grade treatment throughout the fortnight, if it is office, you will be tagged a monster and if in your friend circle, then they will ask you to return the loan that you had taken ages back.

Libra – The key to any work you undertake is to strike a balance rather than pursue perfection because balance is perfection for you. Well that exempts you from putting on too much unnecessary efforts . Ah! I see you grinning.

Scorpion – Your romantic pursuits will amuse people a lot. Take a break from the play and concentrate on your work for a change. All play and no work makes a Scorpio too flighty.

Sagittarius- Your quite demeanor this fortnight will puzzle people and shower a lot of attention both wanted and unwanted. Take what you want and show the others your fiery side. Nothing works like some twists at such moments for you.

Capricorn- Your climb to the top becomes difficult now, but don’t worry, the efforts are justified the moment you see the results, so keep going .., be it your personal pursuits or official ones.

Aquarius- Life will be hectic and you will have no time to smell the flowers, feel the air, watch the rain, but chill! You won’t have to witness dengue, floods, muck and slush either.

Pisces- You will be at peace with yourself. You will be above all the khit pit of life. Nothing will affect you. In fact it might be a good idea to get your ears checked. Why so peaceful child?

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