August 15, 2010 Off By Editor

As were discussing about the Editorial, for this issue, we got to know that we don’t know what does Independence Day mean to us. Although, some of us had some memories about the celebration of Independence Day, it seemed to us like ages since we last celebrated Independence Day. Sankhya complained that she never got to celebrate Independence Day the way it should be done. Since the time she remembers, the day has been called Bandh and people stay indoors to avoid any problems. As a child I remember, how we used to love this day, we had to go to school without any books and sweets were distributed to us. The first half of the day went with the celebrations and the second half went discussing the games and celebrations. But, sadly many organizations call a Bandh on this day for the last 20 years. The older generation complains that we don’t value our independece, but how could we value something we haven’t experienced.

The celebrations have only become a kind of noise. We would enjoy them only when we really get that Freedom and mark my words, we will treasure it more than anyone ever dreamt of.

Hoping for a better future,

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Pramathesh Borkotoky

Exec. Editor,
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