August 1, 2010 Off By Bhoothnath

(August 1, 2010 – August 15, 2010)

Aries- If you attempt bird watching of the other kind you will be quite successful in detecting varied varieties. But “bird watching” is better done from a distance only, be it this kind or the other kind or else this raksha bandhan will not be a happy one for you. If you are a female, acting demure helps in day to day matters. Demure I repeat ,not Demi Moore.

Taurus – Nothing disturbs your peace and calmness but this façade of yours disturbs the calmness of others , so once in a while acting ruffled helps in maintaining peace at home or work.

Gemini- This fortnight will redefine the word mystery.. Your belongings will disappear mysteriously. There will be mysterious calls. Your bank balance will fluctuate mysteriously and your partner will behave mysteriously too.

Cancer – A stranger will bring some spice in your life. He will bring the added happiness, the added zing, added relieve just when you need it. Well…. He can be any one-from the pizza delivery boy or the postman, the milkman- anybody.

Leo –Avoid playing cupid to your friends or play cupid only to your enemies as the couples you bring together are doomed to fall apart later. So if you want to avoid brick bats, then just wash your hands off. After all Kaam dev and you simply don’t gel.

Virgo- For those who are unmarried spouse hunting excursions will yield mixed results. You will finally zero in on someone but he/ she will zero upon your unmarried friend/cousin/ sibling. So go alone while going spouse hunting. Trust no one, even the married ones, if you want to avoid a zero result.

Libra- You will be in the limelight at your work place or family this fortnight. Sometimes misunderstandings and identity confusion can work wonders, but your good luck will last only for a fortnight. So make the most of it.

Scorpio- You will be in one of your creative phase. People will say – you are creating problems everywhere. Your partner will accuse you of creating confusion. And will family will point out that you create a nuisance at home.

Sagittarius- This fortnight will be all about caring and sharing for you. Your dream person decides to care for your feelings and grant you a date for a dream date but oops your near and dear ones decides to share their time , headaches, sob stories, shopping woes and trips all with you. But I see a happy ending. (I would love to see how you manage that)

Capricorn- Expensive fortnight for you. You will be having this uncontrollable urge to throw your hard earned money on anything you fancy. If you are a guy all the spending will be worthwhile when you see your girlfriend’s smile. If you are a female, all will be worthwhile when you see your girlfriend’s envious scowls.

Aquarius- Good news! You will be your boss/ family/ neighbors’ pet this fortnight. You will be on their mind constantly. Every time they need a scapegoat they will remember you.

Pisces- Don’t attempt sports of any sort – Ahem by any sort I mean all sort which involves roll and tumble this fortnight. Things won’t go according to your expectations, so be a sport and wait. Your time will come too.

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