Hello friends. These days I am finding myself in a very strange spot. It is not exactly a problem, just a strange aberration. You see, my potato ball is completely smitten with Harry potter and has stopped functioning almost. Every night I have to read to it a chapter from Harry potter to keep it happy and under control. I think it identifies itself with Madame Tralawney’s crystal ball and feels a sense of importance as being related to the most important object in Harry Potter  movies/books ,as it was the prophecy that started it all. So the only images that I can evoke from it are of that of Harry Potter and co. So dear friends no predictions this fortnight…but well we can work out a go between. If you too are a Potter fan and would love to see your relation to it, then this time I can predict which Harry Potter character are you similar to? Thanks to the crazy potato ball. All you have to do is just give me your birth date. If you are not willing to give your birth year then just add up the four digits and post the sum. Trust me, nobody will be able to guess your year of birth that way , not even my potato ball. So in case your birth date is 15/06/1990 then just mention the date  as 15/6 and give the year as 1+9+9=19.So your input will be date-15/6 and sum of years -19 OK? You don’t have to give your real name either if you are too shy. I just want the date and the sum of the year. Post it in the comment section and you will receive your answer with a brief elaboration, in no time. No fees. No cash. No kind. Payment by only compliments .Just kidding! So I will be waiting…


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9 thoughts on “Horrorscope

  1. @Purbarag ah! You are the first one to evoke a single clear picture in my magic ball. And it is Dobby! The most loveable character from Harry Potter. Loyal, brave, firm in one’s beliefs and a little bit mischievous

  2. @Salik. The images are strongly suggestive of Lupin but i do see james potter too. Of course the dark melancholy interior is entirely Lupin and the ext charm Of James Potter. But undeniably you are lupin

  3. @Tinam i was shocked to see few images of Draco Malfoy and then I saw Dobby and things became much clearer. But again Draco was just a normal rich spoilt brat , he was never a negative character. Even talented and brave in a way. Sweetness and loyalty of dobby and elegance and boldness of Malfoy

  4. Ah! Interesting. I feel so like the sorting hat. What a period to be born in. I am getting a flash of Neville and lots of the Harry Potter himself. You have the slow and steady perseverance of Neville, other wise temperament and othr thing wise, the character you are closest to is Harry Potter himself

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