June 1, 2011 Off By Editor

They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.”    – Confucious

If the unexpected change and the new look of our website takes you by surprise and you might want to double-check whether you have typed in the right words, then rest assured; you are at the right place. Fried Eye, like everybody else believes in change and here we are with a fresh, new look. This look, as you can see, is completely different from our earlier theme. But, the fact is that we have ourselves changed pretty much in the last one and a half years. With your constant love and support, Fried Eye has come a long way, from being a starter to becoming the favorite dessert that everybody keeps eagerly waiting for at the end of the meal, no matter how full they are. And this time we have decided to transform to white from the classic black, because, that’s how we want to be- the one that blends in comfortably with every change that comes with time.

Change and novelty however also implies the risks of experimentation. We are afraid, due to certain technical difficulties owing to the new theme; our readers might have to face a little trouble while viewing our site these days. Kindly bear with us for a while. We will be frying you like before in no time at all.

And while I’m still talking about change, let us all enjoy the pleasant change of the season that has come with the onset of June. May the fresh shower of rain give a new leash of life to every little blessed soul.  Let us savour the moment as it lasts… before it changes back again.

– Tinam Borah.


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