February 15, 2011 Off By Bhoothnath

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Dear Friends and my prospective clients. You must be surprised at this thing which reminds you of the periodic table, right? Well I am proud to announce before you, my, ok well our – achievement in this small experiment of ours. Yes! Experiments! After all we are scientific astrologers, aren’t we? Well let me also introduce my two assistants Om Kara and Om Shanti Om who helped me in this experiment and without whom I could formulate a better chart. Hmm. So without much ado, I am presenting before you the compatibility chart. Yes, this is the total predictions of the compatibility of any two signs and as each combination or star crossed couple is a unique entity, hence they are represented by unique numbers. But If I go for the prediction of each entity, it will run into a whole of 144 predictions which is impossible to pen down here. So what I am going to do is wait for your individual queries, the interested ones, I mean. All you have to do is match your sign with your beloved’s and find the unique number code and just mention it in the comment box. I will reply each of you individually. You needn’t give your real name in the name space either. I hope the chart is lucid enough for you to detect your couple code. The vertical axis belongs to the female while the horizontal is for the male. So the box which coincides with the two coordinates is your couple code. For eg, if your mate is a female and a Virgo while you are a male Leo, then the couple code is EF 5 ,but mind you EF5 is not same as FE 5. Each code is unique.
So I will be waiting for the ones who are really interested to know about their compatibility.

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