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Dear Friends and my prospective clients. You must be surprised at this thing which reminds you of the periodic table, right? Well I am proud to announce before you, my, ok well our – achievement in this small experiment of ours. Yes! Experiments! After all we are scientific astrologers, aren’t we? Well let me also introduce my two assistants Om Kara and Om Shanti Om who helped me in this experiment and without whom I could formulate a better chart. Hmm. So without much ado, I am presenting before you the compatibility chart. Yes, this is the total predictions of the compatibility of any two signs and as each combination or star crossed couple is a unique entity, hence they are represented by unique numbers. But If I go for the prediction of each entity, it will run into a whole of 144 predictions which is impossible to pen down here. So what I am going to do is wait for your individual queries, the interested ones, I mean. All you have to do is match your sign with your beloved’s and find the unique number code and just mention it in the comment box. I will reply each of you individually. You needn’t give your real name in the name space either. I hope the chart is lucid enough for you to detect your couple code. The vertical axis belongs to the female while the horizontal is for the male. So the box which coincides with the two coordinates is your couple code. For eg, if your mate is a female and a Virgo while you are a male Leo, then the couple code is EF 5 ,but mind you EF5 is not same as FE 5. Each code is unique.
So I will be waiting for the ones who are really interested to know about their compatibility.

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14 thoughts on “Horrorscope

  1. so u mean to say that the scorpio in the pair was damaging to the saggi? no doubt it was a bad experience. it is said that the fire should be always kept alight. If handled well then fire can give you warmth, cook a good meal, and light up your life but if you try to pour water in it too dampen it , it will bellow with more force to burn up everything in the process.
    My friend I don’t say things to gather fans. I just say what i see. N i had seen that you could never be my fan. 😛

  2. Hmmm! Fire water combination. Scorpio male and saggi female. but the saggi woman is better of the fire women lot if that is a consolation.
    The plus points- There will be lots of chemistry, passion, sparks and everything hot. Instant combustion you can say and since they are of the diametrical of the signs there will be attraction rising out of curiosity and amazement or awe.
    But the relationship is based on all things dangerous and volatile. It like sitting on top of a dynamite pile, which does give a sense of exhilaration but again which might be fatal too. The relationship is no doubt few of its kind but it should be labeled- handle with care. in bold.
    My advise is to keep in check the massive egos and forget about it in fact, and just remember how strong the attraction is between you two instead.

  3. Neal! ok so you have two codes!!! well well well. No issues. I will deal with both then. Wait
    Wait! i think you just got confused. with the male female thing. Ha ha ha. ok it should be WE 6- a capri male and a cancerian female. hmmm! hmmmm! hmmmmmm!. A very testing pair it will be. The male- an earth sign while the female – a water sign. It is a combination which will be prone to antagonisms . Yes the Fire and water signs are also at logger heads with each other but at least there is a warmth in them due to the fire sign. But here if not taken extra care to work into the relationship then it will just turn cold and dull and flow away. Now now! don’t be worried. That is just a possibility and not the rule. You have your strengths too. The male with its down to earth personality while the female a silent yet calm and soothing nature. This can be your best asset for each other and work wonders for each other.
    A special caution to the female- hints won’t work at this man. so just keep it simple and short.


  4. @ Tinam AW6. Gemini lady and a scorpo male. One an AIR sign , other – the water element. Ok . It is one of the stable combinations than most others. but again they are two of the difficult star signs. now now, they are not bad, but both – very difficult to handle type -of star signs. Both are very powerful star signs, a bit unflexible, but loveable. The personalities individually are magnetic, very interesting and dynamic, both intelligent. So the pair seems to make a very popular, made for each other couple. A couple that make people green. But the catch- both of you are too strong to upset the balance and stability. Your thinking and choices differ in many aspects, but where as certain signs don’t let them over power their lives, here in your case , if you get too carried away in your individualism your differences may be the only thing you might notice.

  5. Srajan! hmm.EE 10 . ok that is one of the elite combination but not the best. but still better than most. capri male and capri female. Ideally and simply speaking , there should not be of much hitch in your pairing being of the same sign, but since there are other factors contributing to an individual pairing so can’t say “perfect” just like that.
    The plus points- both of you are focussed. the objectives might be different but focussed -both of you are. Both of you are sensible, silent movers of life, not much fuss and unnecessary drama. very less ego hassles and possesiveness.things could go very well with you but there is a catch-
    Both of you are focussed to the point of obsession so if you don’t have tolerance or respect for each others choices then it might destroy the relationship.

  6. Aha- Male leo and a female gemini. The Air(gemini) and Fire(leo) combination. My dear friend. It is not about good or bad news but the plus and minus of any relationship. So the plus points first.

    A very highly combustible pairing. If regulated well , then air can keep the fire burning. The female will be highly instrumental in the success of the male. His passion. His will- everything- she will lend the impetus for all things constructive.. The male obviously will find her an enigma as all air signs are, but that itself is the most attractive point of hers. The passion and attraction are there and so is the mutual admiration.
    Now comes the buts- It also has the potential of burning out too fast if not handled with control and patience. If the Gemini in its bid of becoming an inspiration becomes critical or leo in its attempt to becoming the alpha , becomes too dominating, then the fire may flare up and burn everything and the AIR which can never be controlled will just blow away somewhere. So these are the two grey areas that you both have to handle with care. Other wise it is a great and interesting pairing. Full of adventure, drama and intrigue. Never a dull moment you will have.
    So get going and my blessings.

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