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February 15, 2010 Off By Fried Eye News Service

Manas sanctuary set to get 6 rhino guests

Manas Sanctuary is all set to get 6 more rhinos afresh. Courtesy US Fish & Wild Life services( FWL), International Rhino Foundation( IRF), and World Wild Fund (WWF). These agencies are implementing the Indian Rhino Vision 2020 aiming at increasing 3000 Rhino population in all the seven sanctuaries in the state. The scheme saw its implementing in 2008 when 3 rhinos were released in this sanctuary on April 13, 2008. This is fort the first time in this sanctuary, rhinos were released to boost its population. As the number of rhinos decreased, the organizers of Indian Rhino Vision came to the rescue. Manas National park’s project Director Of Manas Tiger project, Anindya Swargiary has been helping the WWF implement the scheme. The senior project officer of WWF Deba Kumar Dutta and his co-workers help this scheme get properly implemented. Notably, in 2008 two rhinos were freed in Manas Sanctuary and at present there were five rhinos in it. The Indian Rhino Vision has six other rhinos for Pabitora National Park in March. – FENS

Get Ginger & Garlic against waste plastic and glass

In association with Guwahati Municipal Corporation,ENVIRON has undertaken a project where they collect your segregated plastic waste like polythene carry bags, Edible Oil Pouch Packets, Salt Packets, all kinds of plastic bottles and containers at the rate of Rs. 10/kg and glass bottles at the rate of Re. 1/kg in exchange of ginger and garlic. Amarjyoti Kashyap, President Guwahati has appealed the citizens to kindly cooperate in their mission for a clean and green Guwahati City. He can be contacted for further details at 0361-22355959 and 98640-17436 respectively. – FENS

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