The importance of personal devotions- How to connect to the supreme being

October 15, 2012 0 By Kate Wilson

Personal devotions form the basis of our existence in this world. One cannot define personal devotions but can simply say that it is all about some quality time around thoughts of what we believe about. There could be various purpose for personal devotions and the primary aspect around personal devotion is to keep faith in what we believe in or stand by our values and principles. Personal devotions shape our lives and therefore evaluating our personal devotions and its importance in our lives if of prime importance.

Religious faith is similar to an athletic event

Daily personal devotions or for that matter any devotion is like running in a marathon. But do not consider this race as competition, rather consider it as your faith and life as the performing action. Talking or thinking about Lord is all about faith as it helps you to be obedient and overcome the challenges of life to enjoy life to the fullest. However know that you cannot take part in this race without some commitment and perseverance from your end. Your devotion will play a huge role when you deal with difficult situations or feel overwhelmed or exhausted due to multiple factors surrounding your life.

Devotions help you to enjoy life

Healthy and happy mind is all about gaining control over your emotions and mental well being. Your personal devotions take most of the credit in helping you achieve this. Since you connect with Lord when you focus towards ‘Him’, it is he who helps you to comprehend and apprehend your life. Your feelings, your attitude, the way you react and act is all dependent on your type and style of personal devotion. The more focused you are, better are the results of the race.

You gain faith via your personal devotions

Faith and trust are the primary aspects that every individual wants and demands. Devotions help you focus and pray with your spirit or the inner soul. It helps you gain victory over rest of the world including their actions and reactions. Just like without studying you cannot gain a good grade in an examination, similarly understanding your Lord and his precepts is not an overnight process. It takes some effort in form of personal devotions to be blessed by God. You can only communicate with the lord in form of devotions which could be in form of a ritual performed at your end daily aloud or just before you sleep at night or by jotting down your prayers or reading your holy book daily or in some other way that suits you.


Always remember that only communication with your lord can help you build a connect with him. It’s all about looking up yourself. Try to get comfort by giving some time to yourself and god. Try to meditate and focus on lord’s precepts. This will give you great joy and purpose for your devotions.

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