Kangana speaks on films and responsibilities towards society

Kangana speaks on films and responsibilities towards society

February 19, 2018 0 By Fried Eye

Celebrated actors Naseeruddin Shah and Kangana shoot a fascinating session at a talk show where the two of them unravel different facets of their personalities.

While Kangana, who is gearing up for her upcoming film Manikarnika, speaks up and shares her view on her choice of films, failure and stardom.

Kangana talks about how films can make a difference and not just actors but everyone has a responsibility towards society.

On not trying to get work by being in good books of people but by your own ability and hard work, the actress says ” The one who can make you can break you. If you have a Godfather, better be nice to that person but also believe in your own ability, confidence and your own hard work.”

Further speaking about the possibility of work being affected due to her unapologetical straightforward attitude, A fiercely confident Kangana says ” I am a career woman. I want to be successful and I am here to work, to do everything in my capacity to be a thorough professional. I will always work on my craft and not pamper egos.”


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