I enjoy every bit of playing in BCL: Salil Ankola

I enjoy every bit of playing in BCL: Salil Ankola

February 5, 2018 0 By Fried Eye

Actor Salil Ankola will once again be playing in the MTV BCL this year. The actor says that he started his association some years back and enjoys every minute of it. “I was approached by Mr Ashwani Sharma to play for Delhi Dragons in the first season and we have won the trophy twice already. Ashwani is a very dear friend and I am playing in BCL as he is involved. Plus, it’s the best team and I enjoy every bit of the game with all the players,” he says.

He adds, “BCL is fun cricket, where there is a lot of drama along with playing cricket. I am the team guide and will be very involved with the strategies of my team.”

The actor says that he has been following a relaxed schedule and can easily take out time for the game. “At the moment, I am very relaxed with my shooting schedule. After the time lap of Shani, I have the time to spare to play BCL,” she says.

Salil, who has played cricket professionally as well, says that he has always been passionate about the game. “I have played cricket for India and have been passionate about the sport since my pre-teen years. It was all that mattered to me in my growing up years. I was obsessed with performing and gave it my 200%,” he says.

The actor says that playing cricket as part of BCL has its own challenges. “It’s fun cricket but it is a challenge to bowl with the smiley ball, as it’s difficult to control the direction and length of the ball. Even batting on this ball is difficult. Moreover, the ground is small, so lots of runs are scored,” he says.

Talking about how much he practices, Salil says, “I am a fitness freak and regular in my workout regimen and I have been in touch with the game, so I am not putting in anything extra. But I am definitely working on my bowling as it’s very difficult to bowl with this ball.”

Ask him who his favourite cricketer is, and he says, “At the moment, my favourite is Virat Kohli as I find him to be a complete batsman in all forms of the game. He seems the only one who could match up to Sachin. I have played cricket with Sachin and Virat always reminds me of him when he bats.”

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