Different kinds of people you find in Facebook

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Yes, this one social networking site has taken our lives by storm. We just can not do without it. Earlier we had  private moment when we didn’t want people to know about it. But now, nothing is private and an intensely private moment is also made public for we live in the world where likes and comments are more important than memories.

1. The selfie profile uploaders – these are the people who change their profile pic like at least min once a week. There are worse statistics too but let’s stick to the mean count. No sooner that they get the profile pic right in one angle that it has to be uploaded.  My new hairdo,my 80’s looks,my  expressions- angry- pissed – bored look. We are now just waiting from that pic from the loo with the title my constipated look.

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2. The traveller – OK this is one kind I seriously fear and feel jealous of at the same time. They upload pictures of them with architectures to marvel about and countryside but can we not just sort them out at least before uploading. I mean who is interested in looking at 150 pictures …I mean who!

3. The expression collage – would definitely want to call them self lovers…these kind make a collage of their own pictures in varied expressions and upload them. Seriously! My different looks, different expression.  The pout being the quintessential if its a girl uploading them.

4. The likers- this one category of people like and comment on every pic uploaded . a recent study revealed that liking pictures in return gives like…ohk, are these the pioneers in then..yes definitely maybe.

5. Sweety- honey pie – especially seen in girls only this one category has a special relationship with one and all the female friends in their list…yes , they might not even have met them ever or talked to them but honey u look fab , sweets you rock are the standards to follow in the pictures their friend or rather Facebook friends upload.

6. The Facebook activist – yes you got it right…oh yes we know about them and we also know that if they had actually tried to do something in real they would have made all the difference .

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7. I love myself – yes another  category  . for these their job, their love, their holidays is all they care. It doesn’t matter even if people are dying , these people just can not wait to upload their pics. You might never see them helping for a cause or sharing to create awareness.

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8. I am cool – yes these people constantly try and prove that they are coolest on the earth. They feel they have the perfect weekend .

9. Excessively emotional – these people are so emotional that beyond a certain point it gets disturbing.  Not everyone is equipped to handle so much emotions. Sometimes expressing it to the person is far more useful than doing it in fb.

10. Sharing ones – these people randomly share pictures without even thinking that they are in short propagating superstition. Anything that touches the heart aught to be shared.

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11. Killed grammar – yes I actually have forgotten what spellings and grammar mean in a language. I just wish to speak my mind and that’s it. Doesn’t matter if my spellings and the grammar make it absolutely impossible for anyone to understand  what I mean. I want to say something and that’s all I care

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