An attempt to help violence hit kids in BTAD

An attempt to help violence hit kids in BTAD

May 16, 2014 0 By Fried Eye

UTSAH – Universal Team for Social Action & Help founded by Shri Miguel Das Queah, is an organisation seeking to create safer spaces for children who are in need of Care & Protection. As a Child’s Rights body we condemn the killing of innocent children in the BTAD areas. We are deeply concerned about the protection of the children who are orphaned and the others who are displaced. We also apprehend various protection related problems of children like homelessness, child labour, some form of physical and mental abuse and most crucially, child trafficking.


We therefore urge the Assam Govt., to undertake protection measures for the vulnerable children living in the aforementioned areas. We also suggest the Govt., of Assam to deploy Child Protection Advisors and Specialists to monitor the situation in the BTAD areas and also train all the concerned stakeholders including the Gram Panchayats, Block Level Officials and Police Thanas with regard to Child Protection.


In memory of all the children who have lost their lives and for all those who are missing, we are organising this candlelight vigil in collaboration with all the citizens of Guwahati.


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The Petition that has been forwarded —










Sub: Request for pro-active action in protecting children in violence affected Bodoland Territorial Automous District Areas.



Hon’ble Chief Minister Sir,


The representatives of civil society and concerned citizens of Guwahati,  under the initiative of UTSAH which stands for Universal Team for Social Action & Help, a Right’s Based organization working with Children in need of Care & Protection, I, Shankardev Chowdhury, Vice Chairman of UTSAH, on behalf of my Chairman Shri Miguel Das Queah and the Members of my entire UTSAH Team would like to bring to your notice the children who have been killed, missing and affected due to the violence in the BTAD area of Assam that has led to a human tragedy that touches everybody’s lives.



Hon’ble Chief Minister Sir, the death and injury of many children living in the Bodoland Territorial Areas District is alarming and under such a violent situation it is dangerous especially with regards to the children who always become innocent victims of the conflict.


The violence may lead to the massive displacement which in turn may render children vulnerable to further violence and expose them to trafficking, abuse, exploitation, maltreatment and neglect.


As a Child Rights body, we foresee the likelihood of the following violations with regards to children:


1. Homelessness.

2. Mental Trauma and fear.

3. Prevalence of diseases like Dysentery, malaria, fever, dengue etc in relief camps.

4. Lack of adequate clothing

5. Education being stopped.

6. Child Labour

7. Trafficking

8. Lack of adequate food

9. Physical and Sexual Abuse

10. Lack of sanitation facilities

11. Child Deaths


That Sir, we suggest the following measures for securing a protective net over the children that the vulnerable in the Bodoland Territorial Autonomous Districts.



1. Notification to the concerned authorities to undertake special measures to protect children

2. Notification to concerned authorities to create accurate database of the number of children living in these areas

3. Facilitate interactions between Child Protection Advisors and the concerned stakeholders.

4. Deployment of Special Child Protection Unit to monitor the situation

5. Deployment of Civil Society to undertake relief measures

6. Deployment of Special Doctors, Psychiatrists and Counsellors for children

7. Deployment of Child Protection Police and Administrative Officers in all District Level, Sub Division Level, Block Level, Gram Panchayat Level and Thana Level for providing special assistance to Children.

8. To publish Reports to inform the public about the steps being taken and the progress of its implementation so that the plans undertaken become measurable.


That Sir, in coherence with the United Nations Convention of 1989 and the Geneva Declaration of 1949, it becomes extremely important to undertake pro-active measures to secure the best interest of the children living in these fitful regions. It also becomes an obligation to promote respect for the rights and dignity of children and provide adequate assistance to alleviate the dangers and effect of conflict on children.


We, the undersigned, therefore, request your kind office to take these urgent measures required due to the situation and help us protect the rights of the children living in the Bodoland Territorial Autonomous Districts and humbly submit this petition to you and we as a Child Rights and Protection body, we would make our services available to you in training in child protection and delivery and monitoring of child protection services if the govt., feels is necessary.


With Regards.




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