7 Lessons To Overcome Life Obstacles Inspired By The Legendary Movie ‘Seabiscuit’

7 Lessons To Overcome Life Obstacles Inspired By The Legendary Movie ‘Seabiscuit’

April 10, 2017 0 By Fried Eye News Service

You don’t throw a whole life away just ’cause he’s banged up a little. -Tom Smith

The Legendary story of the undersized and overlooked Thoroughbred race horse, Seabiscuit has inspired everyone across the globe with ideals of leadership, passion and the willingness to make the impossible a reality.

Award Winning 2003 Movie, Seabiscuit Directed by Gary Ross swayed the entire world with this isnpiraing tale of the three men striving to make themselves the most successful horse racing team with their horse Seabiscuit.

Being nominated for seven Academy Awards apart from winning many others, the movie stands as an epitome of inspirations with moments that teach us a lifelong lesson that we can cherish forever.
From Leadership to driving your passion to even standing up for your companions, the movie based on a horse is a box of every value that makes a person a good and a happy human.

Revolving around the lives of three men struck in depression and unhappy lives trying to make a stand in the racing world with their rather crippled horse, Seabiscuit surely teaches us the lesson on how to change your life into a happy and satisfied one with its priceless lessons.

Here’s a look at some of the best lessons and quotes from the movie that will truly change your outlook on life.

1. Looking up to people around you.

One of the biggest learnings of the movie has been the inspiration to look up to the people around you to make them grow and prosper. The movies teaches us that everybody needs someone to make them feel better and see the good in them that helps them get the best out of them. Sometimes a person’s most unlikely prospects can become their greatest assets if motivated in the right manner.

2. Follow your heart and you will be free.

Heart is the key ingredient to true living. The Movie teaches us that when you find that part of you that is real, that is true to who you believe you are—nothing can stop you. The catch is to just find your inner fire and let is ignite the passions that reside in you.

3. Sometimes your greatest defeats become your greatest opportunities.

Open doors often result directly after a seeming defeat. Don’t forget to look for the opportunities that rise from being knocked down. The lessons learned through defeat taught Seabiscuit’s team how to re-train toward developing their strengths.

4. Loyalty and trust are the hallmark of winning teams.

One of the basic learnings of the movie has been the camaraderie shared by the three men and the horse Seabiscuit. The Troop Showed respect,honour and loyalty towards each other that did not let them give up on themselves until they succeeded. The Movie indeed teaches us that as you learn and rely on the strengths of those around you, rest in your roles, and trust one another’s instincts, you develop into a winning team.

5. Success requires risk.

No matter what area you are in, success has always been a gamble of risk, failure and success. Driving from the sports of racing,the movie surely teaches us the lessons of taking calculated risks that could lead us to our success.

6. Believing and acting on dreams separates fantasy from reality.

Seabiscuit embodied the competiveness and the fact that victory is always followed by action. The Movie leaves us with a key learning of “Don’t be afraid to dream.” As long as you follow dreams with wise action, you are poised for turning ideas into accomplishments.

7. Legacies are built over time, not just in one moment.

The nation’s love for Seabiscuit did not happen over night. Unlike most racehorses, Seabiscuit had many years of racing before retirement. He epitomized the same struggle for survival that many of his Great Depression fans felt during trying times. The Movie teaches us that a good name endures much longer if its possessor shows long-term reliability and dependability. No flash-in-the-pan winner builds a legacy as strong as a consistent one.

This beautiful movie indeed has left us swayed into our deep thoughts to explore the inner us and the passion lying in our hearts. In this fast paced lives, it’s time we follow our dreams and inspire ourselves with this beautiful movie all over again!

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