12 signs you are in the Right Relationship

12 signs you are in the Right Relationship

October 5, 2015 0 By Fried Guest
By Miss IntelActual

Yes, no one needs pointers to find out whether their relationship is doing fine or not, but sometimes we don’t even realise how we are giving into an unfortunate one  until the worse happens. We are so blinded by love that we tend to overlook even the obvious. Relationships are tricky things. These pointers can somewhat help you diagnose if something is going out of your hand .


1. You enjoy being around them
You enjoy his/her company as much as you enjoy being with your male/female bestie.  You don’t feel bad when you have to turn down an invitation just because you had promised her/him before.

2. Honesty comes natually
It would be extremely difficult for you to find the time when you last lied to him or her. Honesty comes naturally when its him or her.

3. You can’t be angry for more than an hour
You can not be angry with the person for more than a day and you exactly know how to make up for it. A sorry is a as easy as a fart. Trust us.

4. You can talk like talking to yourself
You never get bored with the person. You can discuss anything and everything under the sun. You can discuss your  ex and your one night stands without having the fear of the person judge you .

5. You both know the importance of each other’s friends
You both know each others friends. If not like but at least you respect each one of them for you know how important they are in your partners life.

6. You have productive fights
You don’t need to have sex to make up for a fight. Its actually a lame way to sort out especially when you can discuss it out. But we certainly don’t deny one thing leading to another and resulting in some steaming session between the sheets.

7. You are not afraid of tough conversations
You learn to take criticism from the partner in a very positive way and never does anyone say “its my life”. Opinions from the partner are always treated with respect and considered as something honest.

8. You value each other’s interest
Even  when you hate  doing something or going out somewhere , doing it for the partner once in while is so easy. The smile in the face is all it takes you to say the yes.

9. You are sensitive towards each other’s feelings
You exactly understand what makes your partner uncomfortable. Hence asking them to be a part of it also becomes difficult for you.

10. You each have your own friends and share friends too.
You can go out with friends and have as much fun as you want without having to worry about coming back to a grumpy face.

11. You’re attracted to your partner, mind, body, and spirit.
You find your partner attractive even when they wake up from the bed. He or she doesn’t need to be in makeup or groomed to seduce you. Although we don’t mind indulging in it once in a while. You don’t have to worry about that unwanted hair in the armpit or the unshaven beard.

12. You are not embarrassed of the other.
Your partner accepts you the way you are and nothing in you or your habits embarrass them. You can spill food while eating in the mall and yet it doesn’t upset you.

Knowing our partner’s likes and dislikes can not be considered as pointers as we believe its easier to know them just after a few months into a relationship. Hope these pointers are like the alarm to serve you as the wake up call.

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