For the Love of your smile by Jigar Shah

For the Love of your smile by Jigar Shah

February 15, 2012 Off By Fried Guest

Someone once commented on my addiction to the blackberry “Jiske pass BB hai, usse biwi ki zarurat nahi”. Well can’t really help. But more importantly, I would not want to help! That’s because it was during one of these random chatting sessions that changed my life – even if in a minute way – for the better!

Information is good or bad depending on the way you intend to use it. That goes with information on BB broadcasts! Be it regarding urgent requirement of blood in some part of the city or just about traffic congestion! What changed things for me was a broadcast by one of my friends about one his looking out for a helping hand for some social cause she was working for. This is how I was introduced to Anubha. In a mid 20s, she has taken up the project of teaching the street kids in Bandra area of Mumbai.

Anubha refused to accept cash. Though she needed books, stationary, clothes, blankets, umbrellas for the children she just would not accept cash. Rather she asked me to buy whatever I could. Now, if only she had accepted the money I would have probably never learnt the lesson that I learnt soon after! The kids wanted love more than money. And in return they showered all their love; extremely addictive an ingredient that makes life sweeter!

Addicted I was. Addicted I am. Ever since then I go to meet them every week with fruits, biscuits or books. Today these kids are a part of my life in a way I would have never imagine a year back. Interestingly I still don’t know all of them by names… but their smiles!

Anubha teaches them drawing apart from the regular subjects. And in return they made a fabulous New Year collage for her! Someone once wisely said, “God kept the best days of every human’s life right in the beginning – care free, loveable, innocence, even a candy would bring a 100watt smile on the face!” For all those who have not experienced this smile, life is yet to come up with revelations!

As I finish this piece of writing on a Friday night I set my alarm for 7 am next morning. That means I barely two hours of sleep after working till late. But then Saturday is when I head to Bandra to meet the kids. Saturday is when I experience life in someone else’s smile!

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