Festive Daze with Mr. Pramathesh

Festive season, family time, get together, New Year eve.., Bhogali Bihu. ..phew! Party grips all! But holidays can be a lot more than a countdown and confetti err.. planning for the next 12s.. ringing out the old and ringing in the new!..getting ready with the kind of hors d’oeuvres and beverages to toast with loved ones being least thoughtful of spending painstakingly the next day cleaning up the mess. During such party fervour, all are keen for peppy ingestion with items fast and furious conveniently edible with taste good factor.

This edition, Mr. Pramathesh brings some exciting flavours with his amusing fervently points on how to flare and twist conventional ordinary recipes to make it exciting for taste.

Keep your mouth happy!

Begena Pitika “Mashed Brinjal” with SOYA sauce!

Although the mashed brinjal (begena pitika) keeps its conventional flavour in this particular recipe, but this one is tangy and taste different with added flavour of soya sauce and some tinge of garam masala. Boil (or roast) brinjal, peel the outer skin of the brinjal and mix them with chopped green chillies, onions and some green coriander leaves. Sprinkle salt and garam masala with some uncooked mustard oil for taste. Add 2 drops of soya sauce!

Bengana Pitika
Mashed brinjal in soya sauce

Chinky Chilly Fish in Four Steps

The making of chinky chilly fish in only four steps…

Raw Fish
Raw Fish

Fried Fish
Fried Fish

Step 1. Clean fish and marinate with turmeric
Step 2. Fry fish in oil
Step 3. Chop french beans, potato, 3 green chillies, 1 onion and 1 tomato. Heat oil in pan and fry all of the above by adding salt, haldi, jeera, dhaniya powder. Add water and cook for sometime and add Knorr Ready to Cook Chinese chilli powder, meat masala and stir for some time.

Maasor Tenga Jola
Maasor Tenga Jola

Step 4. Add the fried fish and let it cook for some time until a thick sauce is formed. Garnish with green coriander.

Maasor Tenga Jola
Maasor Tenga Jola

Serve it hot with rice!

Simple Rajma Curry

1. 150 gms kidney beans (Rajma)
2. 2 medium sized onion (pyaj)
3. 1 large tomato (tamatar)
4. 2 green chili (hari mirch)
5. 1 tablespoon ginger-garlic (adrak-lasun) paste
6. 1/2 tablespoon meat masala powder
7. 1 tablespoon coriander (dhania) powder
8. 3/4 tablespoon salt (namak)
9. 1 tablespoon milk (doodh)


1. Soak the rajma overnight.
2. Boil in a pressure cooker till tender.
3. Heat oil in a pan and add the chopped onions and ginger garlic paste.
4. Cook till brown.
5. Add the tomatoes, green chilies and cook till pulpy.
6. Add coriander powder, salt and 2 cups water and boil well.
7. Add the rajma and cook on a low flame for about 10 minutes.
8. Add milk, stir and let it mix with the ingredients.
9. Add the meat masala powder and cook further for another 15 minutes or till the gravy thickens.
10. Garnish with coriander leaves.

Simple Rajma Curry

Serve hot with steamed rice!

P.S. – If you removed the seeds of tomato while chopping, add the seeds while adding meat masala. The seeds of tomato are good for digestion

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  1. wise bachelors buror grey matter ulta hoi- sab ulta putla recipe::gakeer aroo rajma!! imaan khoruu khoruu maas will disappear in vegetables, brinjal in soya sauce?? my head is spirallling :::pise experiment was good

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