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Fan Corner

July 15, 2011 Off By Fried Guest

Fried Eye: We have always maintained that we are what we are because of our fans. It is their love, their support and many a times their literary contributions that sustains us. From among our dear fans, we have brought before you a few beautiful articles and thoughts, which you will enjoy surely. We thoroughly enjoy the interactions we have on our fan page and value your feedbacks.


 Raj Lakshmi Baruah an avid and talented blogger from Assam whose blog you can assess at shares with us on how she spends her rainy days. 

Monsoons are always inspiring, the rain washes away writer’s block too. So most of the time I find myself unceasingly typing on my laptop, whether it’s poetry, prose or posts. Blogging reaches a new high during this season.
Also, I love making origami creations. It’s a new found love, and whenever I have time in my hand, you will find myself playing with crayons, folding papers and arranging them in 3D models.
Though, like older days, I would very much like to tuck inside a blanket and enjoyed tea prepared by Mom,but life away from home has no such luxuries

While Rajlakshmi shared her moments with her we have a poem from one of our fans


A Poem by Samin Sayeda Sultana.  Samin Sayeda Sultana is an English Literature student from Assam. She spent her impressible early years in Nagaland. Journeys had always been an inseparable part of her life which justifies why highways and streets immensely influence her stories, poems and other forms of literary catharsis. Samin is a passionate traveler, an avid photographer and a voracious reader. She loves walking by the occasional forest path and the backstreets of her town and jumps at any chance to see the world


When morning ushers in
The sleepless body fumbles out
Of the warm but discomforting bed
Her tired hands draw the tinted curtains
To a murky grey sky
Canopied by thick layers of crimson clouds A dainty drizzle clatter
along the cemented porch
Where a newspaper lay soaking wet
Whiffs of fresh breeze creeps into her room
While the goods train screech and puff past
The tea-pot whistles and steams
Somewhere in the quaint kitchen Soon she sips in the scalding morning cuppa
Her caffeine jangled nerves now ready
To forge ahead on this rainy day.



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