Beauty Tips for the Season

Beauty Tips for the Season

July 15, 2011 Off By Fried Guest

Fried Eye says- With the advent of the summer and rainy season, our skin and hair starts facing some problems due to the increase in humidity, heat and the sun- Problems that are quite avoidable with a little bit of care and efforts-efforts which are very much feasible and easy to come up with.

Rekha Bhatnagar who is a beautician by profession shares with us some skin and hair care tips for the summer months in the form of some easy to apply home remedies.

Some of the common skin problems of the summer months are

  •  Tanning or Sunburns
  • Oiliness resulting in pimples, rashes, etc
  • Prickly heat and rashes
  • Dry flaky skin

Some of the common hair problems

  • Limp lifeless hair
  • Dry , frizzy and tangled hair
  • Greasy look

Sunburns and Suntan

They are caused by the harsh ultra violet rays of sun and as prevention is better than cure , one should always apply sunscreen of SPF not less than 30 while going out in the sun

But you can try these remedies which help to an extent in case of deep sun tanning and sun burns


Tanning-    This may sound unusual but the milky exudates of the Banyan tree leaves are very much effective for lightening sun burn marks. Apply them daily till a week for best results.

Dahi or curd if applied daily on your face will lighten the tan. You can try this simple face pack for good results. Take a pinch of Jaiphal or nutmeg powder with a teaspoonful of sandalwood powder. Add a few drops of glycerine and gulab jal or rose water to make a smooth paste.  Apply this every alternate day for best results.


Oily skin-

The best way to keep your skin oil free is to wash it frequently with cool fresh water without using too much soap. A water based cleanser also helps in removing the dust and grime from your face without your skin losing too much of nutrients.

Another effective way to tackle oily skin is by applying multani mitti or fuller’s earth face pack


Prickly heat and heat rash-

Its better to wear lose cottons during summers to avoid heat rash. Other wise you can apply a paste made of multani mitti and gulab jal to the affected area for best results. If the area is vast then mix a spoon of multani mitti in your bath, and then shower it off after bathing with the water containing multani mitti.

Our hands and feet are the worst affected areas during the summers with the skin becoming dark, dry and flaky. You can go for this simple home remedy which can be prepared easily. Take equal parts of Jaiphal or nutmeg powder, Besan or gram flour, barley or jau ke atta and make a smooth paste by adding gulab jal. Apply the paste to your hands and feet daily for noticeable change in a week


Hair Care

In order to combat hair damage, first you have to keep it off from dust and grime. Though washing your hair daily is not advocated, shampooing your hair four times a week is imperative.

You can go for a weekly hot oil hair massage followed by hot towel treatment of your hair for around fifteen minutes. This helps in containing hair damage.

Another good remedy is to condition your hair with an egg white massage. Mix a few drops of ghee or clarified butter which helps in masking the odor of the egg and also in removing the odor while shampooing it off. This is very much useful to restore the shine and smoothness of your hair.


Over and above those care , it is the diet  and other habits of a person that determines his skin and hair quality. Drinking plenty of water, abstaining from alcohol, smoking, eating healthy and healthy sleeping habits are most important in keeping not only your body healthy but also your skin and hair.


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