Editorial: Keeping the promise

Editorial: Keeping the promise

September 1, 2014 Off By Editor

Promises are meant  to be broken. Or are they?

Well, at least a very wise friend of ours seem to believe in that age-old phrase. And considering human beings tend to falter, he may be right to a large extent too. We however as a team are striving really hard to live up to a promise we made four and half years back. A promise we made to you, our reader, to bring in publish content that you would not consider a waste of time.

As the effort continues we face difficulties by the hurdles. But we then make a promise to ourselves, to overcome all of these. Because, in the end, that one bit of appreciation that comes from you makes it all so justified!

With the same promise we bring you another issue.

In the meantime, we ask you for one promise… if you like us, do share our posts! You would have no idea how that can change our lives….

Thanking you in advance

Yours sincerely,


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