May 1, 2014 Off By Editor

Be a SOCIAL TRAVELER, not a tourist! This is a message from us in this issue of 1st May 2014.

Today, a traveler is more or less a social traveler who travels to immerse oneself in experiencing the new about places more than experiencing new places per se. A social traveler travels to be with new surroundings, livesin with new cultures, creates timeless memories with new friends, explores one’s fondness for food or even brings-in a new fragrance in romance.

Nowadays social travelers primarily hunt new kind of information about a place and readily share on social media by tweeting, through posting special events and moments, giving information on unknown and unbelievable facts or blogs about experiencing new essence of a place.

As I write, my mind is with Kira Salak, the living lady adventurer who authored the book ‘’The Cruelest Journey’ narrating her wildest trips. Some of us may not be social travelers at times. Travel is also made to heal the turmoil inside us. We travel to create and route life fresh; re-defining by being born again to live another life! While we travel, en route we discover a new self where we let a part of us die to regenerate into a new life-form in profession or in relationships. It is life. We discover self with travel. Yes travel brings back the life we want!

With this thought in mind, this issue, we bring you treasured collections from individuals who have traveled for new beginnings. Read about film critic and documentary maker Utpal Borpujari whose feature ‘Songs of the Blue Hills’’ has been recently selected for five international film festivals.  Previously his feature Mayong Myth/Reality brought a remote magical place to limelight across the globe. Gauarv Mittal, who brings a whole new gamut on photographing special moments of birds in pairs or birds in solitude. Shahwar Hussain rides his bike again through Bhutan bringing before us the journey in a wonderful narrative, the fictitious travel adventure by Manipadma, train journey food catering about travelkhana and much more on travels.

Hope this issue will be special for you. Thank you for being with us.

Keep enjoying the journey with Fried Eye


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