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Valentine’s Day used to be non existent for us back when we were little school children. All we knew about love was that it was a beautiful feeling. Not that we understood love and its many complicated aspects, but we understood that it was something that was shared among people whom you consider to be special for you. It wasn’t until Archies Ltd. became popular that we came to know of a special day to show your love for your loved ones, which was observed in memory of a St. Valentine, and on that special day getting an Archies card from someone you love would mean something huge.

Never really understanding why Valentine’s Day is celebrated, we saw the celebration of Valentine’s Day change tremendously over the years. If at first, like we saw on cable television, it was only about exchanging cards and small tokens of gifts among lovers, so as to express their love for each other, nowadays, the commercialization of love itself is pretty much evident from recent developments in the practice. It is as if like the gifts, their values and the way and amount of money spent on celebrating this day has become the primary concern rather than the actual celebration of love through, well, love.

In more recent¬† times, the social media has furthered extended the celebration of Valentine’s Day to an entire Valentine’s week. From Rose day, Propose day, Chocolate day, Teddy day to Promise day, Hug day and Kiss day, every other way to celebrate love has been incorporated as a new tradition which has started not long back. One can only wonder if the love still remains in tact in the midst of so many innovative¬† ways to lighten one’s pocket on Valentine’s day, almost flowing with the ‘competition’ that love has been turned into.

Well, what can we at Fried Eye say? For those who have that someone special beside you, go splurge and make the most of the day. And for those who consider themselves ‘Forever Alone’, here’s a bit of word for you- “Let’s not make too much of a deal with Valentine’s Day. It’s overrated. You are loved no less even on the rest of the days of the year.

Hoping that cupid hits you all soon,

Happy Valentine’s Day

Team Fried Eye

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