November 15, 2013 Off By Editor

It is that time of the year when winter is making you lazy and you want to be in cozy surroundings reading a book or watching TV. It is that time of the year when you go outdoors and you have a wide range of clothes to chose from. While it is one of our favorite seasons, this winter is somewhat different. It is different as it marks the end of a great era in the most loved sport in India. Sachin Tendulkar, one of the best known players of the game retires this week from cricket.

He had been so long in this game that we don’t remember how was cricket before him. If Kapil Dev and his team made the game popular by winning the World Cup in 1983, Sachin kept the fire burning inside us. For our generation, he is the only reason why we watch cricket. There was a time when he carried the burden of Indian cricket alone. If he delivered, India won and if he could not, India lost. He was the only source of inspiration when India was struggling. He saw many phases of Indian cricket come and go.

The last world cup that India won, the whole country including the Indian cricket team wanted the world cup to be won for Sachin. Such is the love he earned in his cricketing career.

It is not just the runs that he scored, that makes him so larger than life. It is the innocent smile and the graceful humility that reflects from the smile that fame could not take away, makes him so great. It is the love and passion for the game that made us like the game so much.  The thanking of God after each milestone crossed. He is a personality in cricket that we will all miss.

We wish Sachin a great life ahead and would like to request him to be associated with Indian cricket as long as he can and keep providing inspiration to the young aspirants of the game.

Sachin we love you and we will keep loving you forever.


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