May 1, 2010 Off By Editor

Job Satisfaction. We often talk about it. Sometimes we say, we have it but most of the times we don’t have it. In the interview for my first job, I was asked a question about the reason for doing the job. They said, “You might not get a job satisfaction in this job. We are telling you straight. Do you still want to do this job?” I replied, “Job satisfaction is a lame excuse for people who don’t want to work.” That was an interview answer and they are only meant to be politically correct. I did not believe it then. For the first few months, I was always unsatisfied with my job, but when the work pressure started to build, I never had the time to think about anything else. Job satisfaction vanished in thin air. Over time I learned some time management (still way to go) and started pursuing my hobbies as well and today I am fully satisfied with whatever I do.

I remember an old showpiece in my home which was there to inspire us to work,


Work is man’s greatest function
He is nothing
He can do nothing
He can achieve nothing
Fulfill nothing
Without work
So Work, Work, Work
And Work faithfully.

Happy May Day.

-Pramathesh Borkotoky

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