September 15, 2013 Off By Editor

Recently, Narendra Modi was anointed as the prime ministerial candidate for BJP. It did not come as surprise as he had worked very hard to prove to the party that he is indeed very popular. His fans projected him as PM candidate and BJP never objected to it. He is often regarded as communal, the credit for which mostly goes to the Gujarat communal riots in 2002. Considering this fact, he has come a long way.

The development of Gujarat can be best judged by the people of Gujarat and it is practically impossible to comment on it just by sitting here. So, what are the implications, that we can expect if we have him as Prime Minister.

The first thing, will be a change of governance. There will be a change in style of working. For good or for bad, he is very aggressive, when he aims to achieve what he wants to. So, if he can be channelized for good governance we can have a strong and powerful leader. Having said that, he has come across as a shrewd politician, but not as a leader who can take all the leaders under his wings to form a strong government. There is not much support for him within the party as there were others who were trying for the same post. It will be difficult for him to run a coalition government in the centre given the current scenario.

He can really take some tough decisions, which though, might be deemed unpopular amongst the other countries . will make India seem powerful. Last time, NDA was in power, the think tank had really taken some key decisions to change the perspective of the youth and we can hope that the same happens this time also.

Although, Modi is not the best choice as PM, the nation has been left with no better alternative. The Congress is looking for populist schemes and procrastinating tough decisions to 2014. This can take them either way and at this stage becomes difficult to predict

It will be interesting to see if this fire-brand leader will bring back the glory of BJP and hopes of the masses.

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