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The other day while going through our cover story on The Punnery and while browsing their page , we came upon a pun which mentioned some thing about ‘gold and the gilt trip’. (the connection of gilt or layer of gold). The pun stuck on me. Gilt trip or guilt trip?

Don’t you think we are facing that very often nowadays? The gilt trip? Where you are not exactly ‘gold’ but just layered with gold, but which can give you a major guilt complex after comparison with the ‘others’? The state where you are not really guilty, but are unable to be at peace , just because you were fortunate than the intended victim?

Every kilo of onion you buy while the daily wage laborer looks on wistfully , you have a gilt trip. You can afford it , he cannot.

Everytime I laugh at a joke , it makes me go on a gilt trip later on, when I see tears.

Every time there is a fuel hike and the prices soar to the fourth dimension , you have a gilt trip  when you shop while your chauffeur waits in the basement parking.

Every time , I see a pensioner ,  running from pillar to post with their official files, clueless and helpless , I go on a gilt trip.

Every time after a satisfying meal and a hearty chat in facebook,  when I go through the news headlines , I go on a remorseful gilt trip.

Every time a rapist or criminal gets away with minimal punishment, I again go on a major gilt trip. I am safe for the time being. She wasn’t.

I have my complaints, but I have equal reasons to go on a gilt trip. None of the perks we the common man enjoy are such, that can be called undeserving. Whatever little we have earned, we have earned it rightfully, yet we are gilt laden most of the times. Why ? Because sadly the largest democracy is also the country with the maximum disparity in every sphere. And as long there is a disparity in everything- prices, punishment, perks, there will be gilt trips.

And with that note I leave you in peace with your gilt laden thoughts… Maybe you would come up with something that could lessen the gilt trips


Fried Eye


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