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September 15, 2013 Off By Kate Wilson

Looking glamorous is not an easy take, even though it might look so. It takes much effort and care on one’s part to be glamorous, every other day. Below are listed some tips that will help you remain glamorous and look and feel the best all the while even as you head out from your home.

1.)  Skin Care Measures

Remember, the better the skin is, less of makeup will be needed. To have some great skin, you will need to do a lot of cleansing. To keep your skin radiant and alive, you will need to cleanse every morning as this removes the overnight cellular waste.

Similarly, cleansing needs to be done twice in the night as this helps remove make up and all the debris that accumulate during the day. Better if you are able to exfoliate one to three times during the week. Applying a face mask that suits your skin profile once or twice a week also needs to be advocated.

Hydration with a quality cream can also work wonders for the skin as can daily application of high SPF sunscreen.

2.)  Working with hairs natural state

If your hair is curly or straight, there is not much you can do about the same. Do not time styling them; instead focus on making the best of the same as this will add elegance to your look and feel. The best thing you can do is to keep the same well hydrated with a weekly dose of deep conditioning mask. You should be visiting the salon every six weeks for getting a trim as this keeps the hair healthy and elegant.

Even when thinking of styling the same, you will have to embrace all movements and curls that emerge. The best of hairstyle can come only if they are left in their natural way and this will help you look and remain glamorous.

3.)  Refining the five minute make up

This is much easier than you think. You will need to have a sheer to medium foundation formula and the same has to be applied similar to the way, the moisturizer is applied. You will first need to warm this formula by massaging the same within your palms and also the length of the fingers. The face then needs to be pressed into the hands.

This will transfer the foundation from hands to the face. You will have to pat it gently and the fingertips can then be used to blend the same effortlessly along the jaw line and down through the neck, hairline, eyes and nostrils.

However, you will need to skip using the powder and let the foundation settle down into the skin, thus leaving a luminous finish on the skin.

The brows can be groomed by brushing them to their place and defining the same through a hued pencil which is neutral. Remember, the pencil needs to be a shade lighter or must be of the same shade as the brows. The pencil should never be darker than the brow; else the whole essence of the makeup will be lost.

You should be going easy on the eye shadows. The less it is, the more it will seem. For the base, you can apply pale apricot as a base. For highlighting under the bay, creamy white base needs to be used. A neutral tan to contour should also be added. To add more gleam to your skin, you can add two coats of brown mascara while keeping the same little heavier on the lashes on the outer corners.

4.)  Caring for the nails

Nails are the most ignored part of the body. Have well manicured nails and the best part of the same is that you will not be needing a bold polish for the same. For having a true glamorous look, you need to choose a no color, high gloss top coat that looks great on any kind of nails.

5.)  Deshining the lipstick

Keeping the lipstick simple and elegant is the best way to look glamorous. The first lipstick layer is to be bloated with a tissue paper. This will ensure that the lipstick remains in tandem with your overall look and does not act as a hindrance to your overall feel.

6.)  Adding a little bounce to the hair

Try curling 2 to 3 inch section of the hair with a hot roller or wide barrel curling iron. Alternatively, mist hair with water gently twisting hair into long ropes and blasting the same with a hair dryer.

Try the above listed tips and make your look truly glamorous.

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