April 1, 2013 Off By Editor

When the theme of sarcasm , rant and satire was declared to the team, there was an amount of gleeful palpable excitement among everyone that finally they could let out their frustrations and anger at anything or everything.  No doubt I was apprehensive that I might be the subject of one such rants.

One week later I still had no articles or write ups! Ten days into the fortnight and I was sweating. Maybe I needed to rave and rant now.

So what had happened? Well, no matter how inviting it may sound to bitch, crib, rave and rant, blast etc etc. but the truth is , it isn’t really easy to be nasty. It takes a lot of moral courage to criticise someone without a reason. And so my team mates were finding a bit hard to be hard on some one or about some thing. But they are a great lot with words. So here we are with the edition. Done and all made up for you.

But that is one important thing I learnt in this issue of Fried Eye (like I do always) that if some one has a complain or has voiced an issue, then he or she really has some issues that need to be addressed. There is no smoke without fire. No rant without some silent tears. Well usually. So if some one wants to be heard the next time, then pause, and listen!

On that note wishing you A happy April Fool’s day

Foolishly yours


Executive Editor

Fried Eye

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