March 15, 2013 Off By Fried Eye

Dear readers,

We come to the end of yet another financial year, end of some frantic calculations, hopes of better management and better policies next year- well basically we are just doing what we do every year- Hope.

A midst our protests we hope, that maybe this would be the last time.

In between our fervent prayers, we hope that maybe the next time we come before God, it would be to thank the Lord.

We sob, we laugh, we fall silent, we seethe, we squirm, but we still hope.

We hope and we wait before coming to a decision, an action.

We hope and we forgive.

We hope and we stall.

We hope and we stop living.

Yes hope keeps the light glowing, the life alive, but hope sometimes blinds us and makes us forget how to live and act.

So, we hope that the next financial year, you hope less and act more, to carve out your own course of action and path to success



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