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There are many shades to life. If you break up the numerous essences that colors a day in your life, you will primarily find nine shades or nine emotions – the nava rasas.

Shringara or romance.

Hasya or laughter

Karuna or grief

Raudra or anger

Advoot or wonder

Bhibhatsa or disgust

Veer or Bravery

Bhaya or Fear

Shantam or tranquility.

These nine emotions are unmistakably a part of our existence , where an essence or a combination of some, may express itself more overtly than the others , depending on the situation or the impact a situation is having on us at a particular moment.

But enough about the history or discourse on the rasas.

Every writer needs the occasional challenge at times to make his/ her inherent creativity a bit more interesting.

This issue we took up the challenge of bringing before you the nine rasas through various medium and genre and categories of writing  like poetry, fiction, essay,photography etc etc.

Well we have tried our best. Whether we have succeeded or failed miserably remains to be seen through your verdict.

But whatever be the verdict, we will continue with our valiant attempts to regale you with our take on the various shades of life in the future too.

Some day we will certainly succeed.

Hope you enjoy this issue on the Nava rasas



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